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Discussion in 'History' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. An excellent and fascinating link for the older scroat BOTWU.
  2. top site,well found!
  3. Excellent and fascinating for all of us. Super find.

    A beautifully done website - how lucky he is that his father took the time to document his experiences (something which happens all too rarely) and also that he has such a fine collection of good quality photos to use.

    By the way, I have seen a MTB out on the Thames - MTB102 is still active.
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    I believe that MTB 102 was also involved in the little ships event recently Sol
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  7. One of the best Naval History sites which includes casualties from 1914 to 2008 (right hand side of home screen) - Royal Navy and Naval History.Net

    Two for those interested in the convoys - ConvoyWeb & Convoy Index Page - (Homepage - Home of Siri (Holm) Lawson/ )

    This is a USN related one - Navy Documents

    Coastal Forces - The Coastal Forces

    Flower Class Corvettes - Flower Class Corvettes

    Naval Weapons - NavWeaps - Naval Weapons, Naval Technology and Naval Reunions - Navy Weapons

    Bismarck - Battleship Bismarck

    U-Boats - The U-boat Wars 1939-1945 (Kriegsmarine) and 1914-1918 (Kaiserliche Marine) and Allied Warships of WWII -

    Kriegsmarine (has an interesting section that deals with the proposed Z-Plan fleet) - History

    And in line with it being mentioned in this thread I have attached a recent image of MTB 102 that usually sits in a marina just outside of Lowestoft (where this was taken in June 2013.)

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  8. Very informative....thank you for this
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