Naval Urban Myths

Jack in phone box in dockyard, finishes call steps out, grunter waiting outside asks, can you change a £1, yes mate says jack I've got stacks of change, hang on says Hornblower, I'm sir not mate and its customary to salute officers, lets start again, have you change of £1, deeps chops one off, sorry sir I dont have any change.
Then there was the one about jack ambling across the parade ground in Collingwood, GI spots him,THAT MAN STAND STILL,
jack shouts back, do you know who I am, GI confused, no, well fcuk off then shouts jack legging it.
A chief WE if my memory from my time at Collingwood serves me right.
Wasn't there one where you didn't have to salute blue badge WREN officers?
Around 93/94? we had a Chief OA who had been out side for a year or so and came back in for a 6th 5th due to his expertise on O Boats. On his 2nd day back in Dolphin he walks past a 2nd Officer WREN, by that time they were proper Matelots and entitled to salutes but the uniform hadnt yet changed, blue rings.

A conversation ensued along the lines of

Dont you salute Officers Chief.

Not WRENS Maam.

We will see about that come with me to the Reg office.

After she had introduce him to the MAA there was another conversation along the lines of.

Why didnt you salute her Chief?

You dont have to salute WRENS.

Chief you know dam well you do. How long have you been in this mans Navy?

2 Days

MAA Apoplectic Stop taking the piss...............................etc.

Its true I was on my way here with my joining routine..........

MAA, After he had calmed down. Let me explain things have changed a little since you left....
Thread redirection.
A bloke at work brought up the use of red and yellow cards in training establishments today. Despite nobody having ever having seen them, despite numerous stints at Raleigh/Sultan etc he was still adamant that they existed.

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