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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by clanky, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. Theres a similar thread on Arrse that kicked up some interesting posts. We've all heard em.
    If you win the football pools you get offered a commission.
    If you fill in the BM within 30 seconds of him shaking you then you can't be trooped.
    The oldest member of the chiefs mess is allowed to grow a pigtail.
    You can get a immediate discharge if you declare yourself a bhuddist.
    Lets bust some myths
  2. if you stick one on a superior rating/orficer at mdnight you dont get trooped as 00:00 dont exist its either 23:59 or 00:01
  3. Clanky - first one about the pools -I actually know the ex-LwrenETS who won the pools and WAS given a commission! Wouldn't happen these days.

    Homosexual sex has always been legal outside the 12 mile limit. Well, that's what we used to tell the Juniors ;-)
  4. There was a buzz that.

    Easiest way to get a commision was apply for chaplain

    And they would let you out to become an MP

    look look everybody , I got a medal hurray **** ****!
  5. seriously - whilst doing basic training, a guys grandad died and he inherited a small fortune. he was asked to either hand the money over to the corps benevolent fund or be discharged from the Royal Corps of Signals.... he took the discharge.

    when we asked why this happened the official answer from the RSM was this:

    "under military law, subordinates can not have more wealth than the officers and commanding officers - or there will not be any respect which is detremantal to the fighting effectiveness of a unit"

    so i guess the pools/lottery winnings would result in a commision or a discharge.

  6. Quality "off the cuff" quote from the RSM there! "Under military law...." - wouldn't mind seeing that one in the QRs!

    The idea is right though - I knew a LSA at Culdrose who got money the same way, and stopped playing the game completely. How can you fine someone who has that much cash? He was paying off duties as well, became an Admin burden.
  7. I heard about that, if you won the jackpot on the national lottery, the only way you could claim the winnings and stay in the RN was to come to an agreement. Something like only receiving a certain amount a month/year.

    Sounds to me the military is just jealous!
  8. Section 69a and b for squaddies both have "get all" clauses in them :) been done under both at some time or another - find me a squaddie who hasnt ;-)

  9. Nah - that's bollocks. Look at the MAA (female) who won - she stayed in and her old man packed in work. They can't force you to leave, and they can't force you to take it in instalments. They can offer you (as they did with the LWETS) a commission and a quiet job in Sultan Education Office, but that's about all. The RN doesn't even have to know that you won - but turning up in a Hummer H2 on Monday morning and parking on top of 1SLs Freelander might give it away. Unless it's been nicked again, of course...!
  10. I can well understand sudden wealth leading to discharge, but not to a commission. At least, not in this day and age anway.
  11. or buy HMS Grafton and pull alongside HMS Warrior for tea and tiffin

  12. Is that that one busted then?
  13. being sold :evil:

    some banana republic who we will end up fighting in 20 years time.

    one of the newer type 23s - due 1st major refit - so new labour decided to flog her for a fraction of her worth instead of fitting new cam belt and changing the plugs and HT leads.

    sore subject as she is our affiliated HM War canoe

  14. I meant the myth, not the ship.
  15. Another possible myth surfaced this week. What happens to the fines levied at the XO's/Skippers table. The consensus in the workshop was that it goes to The King George's Fund for Sailors. I'm certain I've heard this explained before, but I can't for the life of me remember where. Any info?
  16. HA! All fines that are levied at tables are returned to the ship/unit, not to the new-build ship fund, KGFS or anything else. I know this because when I was at Sultan, we were a little light on the travel budget, so we asked the Cdr to fine people at the table rather than give them 9s. True dit, all clips on and safeguarded.

    I never used to mind being fined because I thought that I "owned" one of the new Type 23s.
  17. Sore subject for me too.

    HMS Grafton was my first ship when I was let loose in the fleet in 1998.

    I was back on board last night for pre-dinner drinks with my fellow "first deployment" officers. It was just as though 7 years hadn't passed.

    I'm going to the decommissioning events next month.

    Three type 23s sold for £134 million...
  18. Is the story about officers having to carry swords because of Royal displeasure true? I head it arose from a mutiny in the 19th or early 20th century, when the mutineers were told they would be spared if they surrendered, and were promptly run up the yardarm (or whatever the term is).

    Also, do you matelots actually get all that was promised in the 2SL pamphlet on harmony time (etc.) that a naval colleague of mine was gleefully waving around in front of his RAF/Army colleagues in my unit a couple of years ago?
  19. allegidly the middies who made the promise "ran them through" with cold steel and Queen Victoria was not ammused. this lead to swords being carried in disgrace and lead to the fact that middies are not saluted and gave rise to the opening phrase "my lord, ladies and Gentlemen, and officers of the Royal Navy"

  20. Might see you there then, we have been invited and if the minibus is on the road by then i am "there"



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