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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Murph, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. In the Royal Navy, the tradition and modern technology go hand in hand. Throughout training you will be taught the technology applicable to your branch of preference and also some Naval Traditions. A strong part of the Naval traditions is the naval terminology. A venacular, peculiar to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, which as evolved and developed over many, sometimes hundreds of years, sometimes called or referred to as Seamen like language or "Jackspeak". On joining the Royal Navy you will be hearing words, terminology and phrases which you do no understand. Don't worry, you will quickly become familiar with these and listed below are just a few to help you on your way. :pr:

    1. The Pusser/Pussers - The Royal Navy/of the Royal Navy
    2. WO/Warrant Officer - Addressed as "Sir"
    3. CPO/Cheif Petty Officer - Addressed as "Chief"
    4. PO/Petty Officer - Addressed as "PO"
    5. Killick/Leading Hand - Addressed as Leader, Leading Hand or Hookey
    6. Clubswinger/Clubs - Physical Training Instructor
    7. Divisonal Officer - Your "Boss"
    8. Senior Rates - Term for Warrant Officers, Chiefs and Petty Officers
    9. Junior Rates - Term for Leading Hands and below
    10. Matelot (Pronounced MATLOW) - A Sailor/Naval Raiting
    11. Class Leader - A selected member of your class
    12. Call the Hands - Means "Get out of bed"
    13. Clean Ship/Cleaning Stations - Sweeping/Mopping/Scrubbing - Prepare for Rounds
    14. Mess/Messdeck - Your living Quarters
    15. Rounds - Formal Inspection of your messdeck/toiletes/bathrooms
    16. Heads - Toilets
    17. Rescrub - Not good enough, do it again!
    18. Parade Drill - Marching and saluting etc
    19. Kit Muster - Formal Inspection of your kit
    20. Divisions - Formal Parade
    21. Supper - Early evening meal
    22. Pipe down - Lights out, go to sleep
    23. Nine o'clockers - Later evening meal
    24. Turn to - Start work
    25. Secure - Stop work
    26. Stand easy - Short tea break but also a drill order
    27. Dhobying - Washing - Usually by hand
    28. Dhoby Dust - Washing Powder
    29. Ashore - Going outside the establishment your living in
    30. Slide - Butter or margarine
    31. Sea dust - Salt
    32. Pit - Bed
    33. Jimmy - First Lieutenant or Executive Officer
    34. Scran - A Meal
    35. Snorkers - A Sausage
    36. Daily Dits - Daily Orders
    37. Dit - A story or quote usually funny
    38. Stokers/Clankies - ET(ME)
    39. WAFU - (Wet and Fu**ing Useless) - AET
    40. Jack Dustys - Supply Chain Logistician
    41. Goffa - Drink
    42. Wet - Any beverage hot or cold
    43. Adrift - Late/Absent from place of duty
    44. Onboard - Inside the establishment
    45. Run Ashore - Leisure time down to town
    46. Gash - Baby or new entrant
    47. Nozzer - New entrant
    48. Jabs - Vaccinations etc
    49. Muster - Collect/gather at a specific loaction
    50. Oppo - Close friend
    51. Guzz - Devonport/Plymouth
    52. Pompey - Portsmouth
    53. Remdial Instruction - Extra tuition in own time
    54. OOD - Officer of the day
    55. OOW - Officer of the watch
    56. Duty Part of the Watch - ratings detailed for additional duties that day
    57. Rig of the day - Uniform as specified to be worn
    58. Deck - Floor
    59. Deckhead - Ceiling
    60. Bulkhead - Wall
    61. Oggin - The Sea/Water
    62. Civvies - Civilian clothing
    63. Make-n-mend - Afternoon off
    64. Bimble - Walk
    Edit : Ignore 8 and 9.

    Just the basics, feel free to add anymore.
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  2. Cheers dits
  3. It's 'make 'n' MEND'.

    A Warrant Officer is not a Senior Rate, he or she is a Warrant Officer - hence the term "Warrant Officers and Senior Rates" as in "Warrant Officers' and Senior Rates' Mess" for example.
    Word of warning though - as a nod (new entry) don't ever call a PTI "clubs". Otherwise you will find your arse kicked all round the gym. It's Staff to you.

    Snorkers - good oh!! :hungry:
  4. And may also be addressed as Mr + surname.
  5. No 46 - In my 28 years in the RN I have never heard the term Gash referring to a 'Baby or new entrant'!
  6. That's a new one on me as well, although that's what a few of them are!!

    I was always happy to be the gash hand at working parties though.
  7. Winger.............bezzy oppo !
    'Arry choppingtons.........a bit of roughers !
    'Arry frostingtons...........a bit parky !
    'Arry what ever with a 'tons' on the end.......make it up as you go along !
  8. Only by a commissioned officer.
  9. Thanks Murph!
  10. Thought Gash ment rubbish.
  11. ...or minge.
  12. Murph are you in the RN?
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    Just like your spooling :slow:
  13. 84 Brass necked not even a sprog = See Murph.

    Just provide a link to the Jackspeak page on the RN website or already done somewhere on RR from which you stole this, you clunge.
  14. No not in the mob yet! Just thought this was of some use. Typed this up and took me ages. Not so sad to copy from another site !
  15. You may have started a new how-to-suck-eggs contest. Only a few sperring mishtooks but thanks anyway.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why not just buy Jack Speak? Apparantly Rick Jolly has now retired so there will not be any more editions. Ebay usually have a few available
  17. Jesus!! Not even in the mob and handing out advice.
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  18. When does He join???
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