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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TheRowan, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. I've just got through my Dartmouth joining pack... which is very nice. I've also found that I need to take with me a variety of bits and bobs... lapel insignia, shoulder boards and slides, buttons, cap and beret badges. All of these I can apparently find at any reputable naval tailors... my question is, can anyone recommend a good naval tailors in either the Yorkshire or Lancashire area, as going all the way to Pompey for a handful of buttons seems a bit much!

    Oh, and cheaper than G&H would be nice too :)
  2. I wonder if Baun and Co (Queen Street, Pompey) can do small items by post? Worth a try:

    Telephone 02392 822045

    They are Naval Tailors.
  3. they make you buy your own badges nd things ? 8O
  4. Aye, I don't know whether it's different for the RN but for the RFA apparently we need to buy all that and get reimbursed at the college.
  5. Edited as the man himself got there first.

    There was some dit on the RFA forum ( a while back that the RFA was going over to RN rank slides anyhow - as ever with these rumours came to naught.

    PS good luck on Dartmouth Rowan - very envious here!
  6. Ring Baun and Co and ask if they have them.

    A top bloke and will also send stuff out pronto - u can pay by card over the phone (oh and before you ask no I'm not Mr Beverley himself)!
  8. Gieves and co have a good website most officers have accounts with them
    i'd do a general search on the web as there will be a lot of price differences especially with the caps if you have time you can get the slides from abroad quite cheaply and these should see you throught your first couple of years
  9. Are Bernards still going???? Hardy Amies Two tone shirts on account :oops: :oops:
  10. These Newbies haven't heard of Midnight Slops yet Scouse :oops:
  11. +1

    I'm based in the NW & have had relacing done, raks slides/epaulettes etc. from Mr Beverley by post to an excellent standard, and with no problems at all.


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