Naval Strike Wing

Exactly how many harriers does this consist of? 4/5 like on warship?

when will they ever learn from history about not having a fully fledged fighter squadron onboard?
Or even Bombers and all the other types that they used to carry, suppose it`s because we don`t have them anymore, or The Carriers for them, simple really.


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Naval Strike Wing is a bit like a squadron so it has the same number of aircraft as a crab harrier squadron.....12-14 give or take. But it isn't actually a Squadron because 801 haven't reformed hence the term wing as it is made up of personnel from 800 and 801 but it's not really a wing either which is confusing. It has no fighter aircraft because we don't have fighter aircraft anymore just mud movers but they are doing a good job in Afghanistan.

Hope that clears it up :farao:


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Any news about 801 standing on it s own 2 feet as yet? I've heard a buzz that it may be soon.
Well it never stood on it's own two feet in my 25 years (3 of them on 801) so I wouldn't get your hopes up, it seems to be doing well on the back of 800 as usual though. :thumright:
chockhead819 said:
801 was ok when i was on it in 85 but thats coz i was a chockhead!
As it was as well 65/66 Buccaneers 801 squadron before" WINGS" ? HMS Victorious :thumright: coz i was a Pinkey
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