How do you feel about serving in AFG?

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  • I'll do it but would PVR if it happened too often

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  • Hate it - let the Crabs get on with it

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Did two tours in Afhgan last year and loved every minute of it, Ok being away from loved ones is a pain but the job is somehow easier and more structured. You do not get messed about like back at MOB.

And action stations only lasts for about 20 mins after a rocket attack!!!

Plus it was nice a sunny.

Camel spider's were bloody scary though!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Remember the hardship well Scouse as I was son of an 809 Mech!
Lived on Milltown B - Despite lack of father had plenty of Navy Guys who pointed me in the right direction (usually with a "Thick Ear")
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