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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by bitter_and_twisted, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody know whats really going on concerning 800 and 801?

    I'm under the impression that there is no longer 2 seperate navy harrier squadrons, but they've merged into the NSW.

    Happy now I didn't spend any money on 801 shirts and the like...

    Any ideas for a new badge?
  2. A question mark with the legend 'In the event of a major conflict, insert aircraft here'?
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    And by the way; some naval aviation is about to be put on the scrapheap due to Government defence cuts and all you're bothered about is the feckin' badge?! :shock:
  5. not bothered about the badge, just trying to tap into your creative side :lol:

    can't do anything about the government. they couldn't give a shit about what we fly. as long as it saves them enough money to lay a new marble floor in*ts
  6. Last I heard a couple of ideas (well, two ideas) for a Naval Strike Wing Overalls Badge / Crest / Front-of-Squadron-Hangar sign had been banded about the upper yardarms of 800/801. Have left now so am out of the loop.
    (p.s. Are 801 even standing up?)
  7. The Naval Strike Wing.....yes this is the short term solution for the slight problem of what to do about 801NAS given they have no aircraft and no pilots, which i always thought should have been higher up the checklist when it came to commisioning a squadron, still thats probably why im not a flag officer. what you basically have here is is the co-joined bastard son of 800/801, where by they take 1/3 of the available harriers in JFH throw almost two sqn's worth of man-power at it and sit around in an endless meeting discussing how to employ people and what colour the badge should be, the only possitive outcome of which is that they now have the cleanest hanger at cottesmore. This farse will continue until they decide to break apart into 800 and 801 proper which may take a while, the whole situation is a total farce, which makes the impressive job 800 did in Afghanistan even more remarkable. for those of you on pingers/junglies/lynx who are short of manpower and fed up with "lean" events, remember things could be worse.
  8. Not sure about the shortages of staff, but one reason being banded around by some V.Senior Officers recently is that STC won't allow the second Harrier squadron to form (when has a NAS ever "stood-up"?) because they don't have a QFI... and under Crab Rules you need to have a QFI.

    ... that is unless you're a Jaguar Sqn where, allegedly, one operates quite happily on their ownsome. But then of course, RAF Jaguar Sqns don't have the competition of RN Squadrons to contend with, and keeping the balance in favour of the light-blue is not that relevant?

    Shafted again!!!
  9. Okay, I'll bite. So the RN didn't provide the required personnel for 2 Sqns, knowing the rules when this all started 4+ years ago and it's still the crab's fault! At the time JFH formed Harriers were in 3 Gp under AOC Rear Admiral Ledbetter (I think)!

    You can't blame the crabs for this one!
  10. Yeah it's all down to the QFI. The RAF prefer to have a QFI that is an expert instructor, and the Navy prefer to have their QFI's experts in the aircraft. No ones fault just 2 different ways of doing things,prehaps both parties should of talked about this at an earlier date! Apparently discussions are being held at high level to try and sort this.
    Personaly I think 801 should kiss off the GR7/9 and go straight to JSF, but i doubt the RAF will allow that :)
    Now it has settled down the NSW is a good place to work, nice to be back on a NAS, even though being on a RAF Sqn was good as well.
  11. First post here but as a Harrier man through and through it's pretty dissapointing to see the way this one is going. RAF_Eng is right it all started brightly under 3 Grp but now sits under 1 Grp Strike. The Navy have sold their souls unfortunately, and I know for a fact a large number of Matelots feel left out on a limb up there. We train them at Sultan on Fleet policy then send them to work on totally different systems it's rediculous it's hard enough to motivate people these days without training them on systems they won't use :?

    Constantly being shafted for gash trips whereas the RAF Sqdns get all the glory trips, who did Kandahar at XMAS and who will be there next year?? The glory days of Cyprus gaurd ships and Deci are long gone.

    Working under RAF rules and regs (JAPS joint policy, MY ARSE) and yet still employed and promoted by Fleet, it just isn't working very well at all.

    I know a guy who did an audit at an RAF base recently and the SENGO's door was propped open with JAP with the words "RN USE ONLY" stamped on it lol!

    The head of the Fleet Air Arm is a guy called RAFAA :lol: need we say any more??

    Forums are great on here glad to have discovered it via the press, but great work to all concerned.
  12. What about 1 and 4 sqn having to hold ops at Kandahar by themselves for a year while 800/801/NSW wasn't combat ready? I don't think that a (relatively) short 3.5 months last year in KAF is really something to moan about.
    And when you're on about "glory trips", what about the 7 weeks 800 spent on the boat last year, and the 5 weeks they're just about to spend at the end of this week?
    The NSW aren't being seen off, trust me. EVERYONE on JFH has been seen off, the thing to remember is that there's always someone who's been seen off more than you :lol:
  15. Just remember the 1 important thing. You take the 800 from the 801 and thats how many service personnel will be left in the squadron by the time of the next election....
  16. sorry pressed button twice -

    was going to say that you are damn right hoverstop. i was gagging to get up to Cott/Witt but drafty the barsteward insisted i stay down South and run a desk. if anyone wants to shaft themselves get back to me for a swap draft.

    ToR's - Must be able to make very little work look like a lot, constantly talk about what a hard job youve got etc etc.

    Would suit any grubber of 800.
  17. Love the way this goes to and fro-----of course if the RN had its own bases and also a a couple of decent flying platforms----as it did--then no probs; Instead a load of nitwits trying to form something that has a poor chance. Different outlooks--always will be. Hell we always used to have to supply fire crews at any of the airfields used by the RN simply because the RAF used proximity suits instead of 'in fire' suits----their policy---save the cab and bugger the crew--whereas the FAA approach was save the pilot bugger the cab!!
  18. And there is the problem, by saving the crew and letting the plane burn the FAA have cost the Government more money so as a punishment, cut backs hit the RN/FAA first and the wonderful RAF get planes to fight aerial conflicts with that need land basis/AAR and all that....

    Besides, why have a carrier fleet with FAA on board when the RAF can provide 24/7 Air cover anywhere in the world at very short notice....

    (sorry, sarcasm overload today - blame it on the other half for a weekend of ear bending over re-decorating the bloody house and digging the chuffing garden :evil: )
  19. lol !! Well 25 years ago might have been able to provide some decent AEW at least!
  20. Besides, why have a carrier fleet with FAA on board when the RAF can provide 24/7 Air cover anywhere in the world at very short notice....

    I believe that was the View that our American cousins took after WW2, so they mothballed their Carrier Fleet, Oh dear is that Korea kicking off?

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