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I'm in the process of joining the RN as a Warfare Officer and I wanted to ask whether there were any jobs in the naval staff (i.e. supporting the Navy Board and the Admiralty Board) for officers in the Warfare branch and what these roles entail?

The reason I ask is because I am interested in being part, in one way or another, of the naval policy and strategy decision-making, and would like to know what avenues are open to a Warfare Officer.


The Navy board is made up of the First Sea Lord, Second Sea Lord, Fleet Commander and ACNS(POL). With exception of current ACNS(POL) who is RM, guess what branch they all came from?

Should be noted this is end career senior officer roles and you are unlikely to reach these heights. However, there are plenty of other areas where you can influence policy.

I would also point out though that a Warfare Officer would have to reach Command level if they wanted to have any serious impact on policy and that would take you a minimum of 15 years at the tactical/operational level. Think carefully about why you are selecting Warfare.
There's a slack handful of Lt Cdr on the Naval Staff, and a bigger handful of Commanders. However, they're not the only ones who "do" strategy, nor is strategy the be all and end all of being a Staff Officer.

What you are talking about in a broader sense is your second stage career, and is a realistic aspiration. But you need to excel in your first stage career (typically at sea for a Warfare Officer) to make it there.


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Think of it like this: the Navy Board looks at the Big Picture and decides what the RN's response is to be. The various staff officers are there either to work out what that means in terms of sending which ships to where or to manage the flow of information, that is working out the meaning of what comes in, getting that to the right people so that they can decide what to do next and then getting the right information out to the right people so that they can perform the tasks the Navy Board wants them to do.

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