Naval Specialist Training Instructor Opportunities


Lantern Swinger
We are staging a number of open days with BAE Systems with presentations and interviews available in 3 key locations:
  • Glasgow – 19th - 20th March
  • Plymouth – 23rd - 24th March
  • Portsmouth – 25th - 26th March
This is on a registration basis only to ensure we will be available for people with the right skill-sets/qualifications.

The opportunities available are for qualified and experienced instructors with a range of backgrounds that include:

Basic Skill Instructors:
  • Mechanical x 1
  • Electrical x 3
  • Seamanship x 2

  • Saudi National Training Plan NST instructors and Mentors:
  • Engine Man
  • Electrician’ s Mate
  • Hull Technician
  • Quartermaster
  • IT
  • Boatswain mate

  • Naval Speciality Training Instructors:
  • Engine Man x 2
  • Electrician’s Mate x 1
  • Electrical Technician (Navigation) x 2
  • Electrical Technician (Radar) x 2
  • Quartermaster x 1
  • Hull’s Technician x 1
  • Gunner’s Mate x 3
  • Electronic Warfare x 2
  • Fire Control Technician x 3
  • Information Technician x 1
  • Boatswain Mate x 1
  • Operations Support x 2
  • Sonar Technician x 2

If interested and you want to find out more you can register with Dominic at [email protected]

If you know any friends or colleagues that could be interested please let them know, and pass on the details. I have attached a poster and marketing banner in anticipation of any help you can provide.


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