Naval Slang Uniform to X-ray


Lantern Swinger

Uckers Ludo - Navy style
Ullage Residue in a barrel ie worthless
Up homers Family hospitality extended to Jack in a foreign port (see Grippo)
Up spirits Piped order prior to rum issue
Up the line Usually going home on leave
Up the trot Reserve Fleet
Upper scuppers Upper deck
Upside down head A bald sailor with a beard


Vampires bag meal Used sanitary towel in a bun/bap/roll
Victualled Living on board


Wafoo Fleet Air Arm personnel
Wanchai burberry Hong Kong umbrella usually costing a dollar
Warming the bell Returning onboard only just in time
Watch on stop on Continuous duty without relief
Weed, weejie To be angry
Wet (Have a) Taste of shipmates rum/Friendly gesture
Wet as a scrubber Description of a useless individual
Wind yer neck in! Shut up!
Windward Opposite of lee side
Winger/Wings Another word for oppo
Wodge A very large quantity of anything
Wood butcher Carpenter or chippy
Wordsmith Someone with the gift of the gab
Wrap up Give up doing or saying something


X-Factor That unknown additional element in Jack's pay


Lantern Swinger
Googled Wafu and came up with the following from a pussers slang site:

WAFU: Member of fleet air arm stands for wet and flucking useless.

Please yerselfs!
"i dunno" well quite frankley thats not good enough, i would expect a childish schoolboy error from some branch's i.e. wafu's, rose petals, softey stewards, thickey thick gunners and how do you boil an egg cooks but not from a member of the scr's crew not when i'm the sc on watch anyway ! so make it so, no more mistake's
forgot to insult stokers there :pukel:
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