Naval Slang Quebec to Tango


Lantern Swinger

Quack Medical officer
Queens Rum left over in fanny after tots issued
Quick burn Rapidly and slyly smoked cigarette
Quiet number Cushy job
Quiet run
QT On the quiet/unofficial


Rabbits Presents/souvenirs or something acquired on the QT
Rabbit job Some work done on the side
Racing snake Skinny person
Rattle, in the Up on a disciplinary charge
Red devil Pussers bike
Red grenade McEwans Export tin of beer
Red lead Tinned tomatoes
Reggy Navy police
Re-scrub Do it again eg Mess Rounds not up to standard
Ring piece Anus
Ring stinger Hot curry
Roof rats Flight-deck gang
Rose cottage Venereal disease ward or clinic
Rotten VD - see Rose Cottage
Roughers Heavy seas
Rounds Usually an inspection of living/work spaces etc
Royal Sailors name for Royal Marine – usually bootneck
Royal Naval School of Dancing Any popular hang out for Jack to observe the local talent eg the Paramount in Guzz in the 60's.
Rub/rubber Loan eg Give us a rub of your dhobey dust/fiver 'til next payday etc
Rug rat Small child
Rum Bosun Person detailed to collect rum for the mess
Run ashore Jack having a few beers


Scab lifter Medical rating
Scale Standard punishment for an offence
Schoolie Instructor Officer
Scrambled egg Gold leaf embellishment on senior officers cap
Scran Food
Scran-bag (1) Where kit found "sculling about" was put
Scran-bag (2) Untidy rating eg "he's dressed like a scranbag"
Screw Ship's propellor/sex
Scribes Rating in Writer branch
Scrub round it Never mind, forget it
Scummer Southampton native
Scurs Sailor with beard
Secure Finish work
Set Full beard and moustache
Seven beller Leave allowed until 1130 next day
Seven bells of shit Using excessive force eg he knocked seven bells of shit out of him
Sew Sew Ship's tailor (usually Hong Kong Chinese)
Shake Wake someone up eg shake your watch relief
Shakes list Book containing names of people requesting a shake
Shave off! (1) Cry of disgust
(2) Order to remove unacceptable facial hair

Shit in it Shut up
Shit on a Raft Braised kidneys on toast
Shitehawk Seagull
Shiters Drunk
Shoot through Fail to keep appointment or leave run ashore early
Shufti Take a look
Sin Bosun Padre
Singapore ear Ear infection
Singers Singapore
Sippers More substantial than a wet of rum. Usually given on birthdays. 4 sippers = 1 gulper
Skate Idle loafing sod
Skin Young looking sailor - usually not yet shaving
Skive off Avoid work detail
Sky Pilot Padre
Slack hammock Badly lashed hammock/punishment for oversleeping
Slap in Make a written request eg "I'm going to slap in to see some b*****d about this.
Slide Butter (when available)
Sling yer hook Go away! (impolite)
Slop chit List of responsibilities
Slop Room See (Slops) below
Slops Clothing, tobacco, mainly cash sales
Smidgen A very small quantity (origin - Chatham Dockyard Maties)
Snapper Homosexual
Snotty Midshipman
Sods opera Ship's concert
Sparks Radio Operator
Spasm chasm Vagina
Spithead pheasant Kipper
Split-arse mechanic Female
Sprog Child or baby. (Old Navy. Allegedly entered in the physicians log as the acronym - SPROG - Sibling Produced Recoil of Gun - when the gun was used to assist childbirth).
Square rig Junior ratings uniform
Squeegie Implement with a rubber strip on the end of a broom handle to clear water
Squeeze up Experience VD
Squid Ahead throwing anti-submarine mortar
SRD Maltese dark rum almost as good as Pussers
Stand easy NAAFI/Tea break
Station Card Card given to gangway staff prior to going ashore
Stamps Of no important status
Stand to Prepare for action
Sticky greens Drinks bought for bar girls
Stonker Erection
Straight rush Roast meat and vegetables
Stroll on! An expression of incredulity
Sub Stand in for duty
Suck back Change your mind or Uckers ploy/move
Submariners Dhobi Dust Talcum powder
Swain Coxswain – senior rate of a small warship
Sweating neaters Very anxious state


Tailor-made Manufactured cigarette as opposed to hand-rolled
Tanky Rating responsible for liquid eg fresh water/fuel
Tea and stickies Friendly non alcoholic hospitality
Tiddley Smart
Tiger tops Favourite drink - Fleet Canteen Singapore
That is all Phrase to end a pipe that starts D'ye hear there
Thickers Condensed milk
Thousand miler Casual shirt/top worn for a long time
Three badge AB Able Seaman with three Good Conduct Badges
Three badge FA Alternative to above (work it out)
Tickler Navy issue cigarette tobacco
Tiddley Smart, as in “tiddley suit†No 1 uniform
Tiffy Artificer
Tilley Dockyard utility vehicle
Tinned fishes Sardines
Toggle and two Male genitalia
Tombola Bingo - Navy style
Toothwright Dentist
Torpoint chicken (Built like) ie all prick and toenails
Townie Shipmate with the same home town
Tram smash Bacon and tinned tomato
Trap/trapping Ashore, out looking for women
Trick cyclist Pyschiatrist
Truck Wooden cap on top of a mast - see Button
Turn in Go to bed
Turn to Start work
Twelve Continuous service engagement of 12 years
Two six, heave Words spoken prior to a co-ordinated lift etc
Two's up Reserving position eg "two's up with that book"