Naval Slang India to Lima

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Tas-ape, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. India

    Ickies Any foreign currency
    Irish Pendant Poorly secured line or hanging lanyard


    Jack Sailor and also Union Flag
    Jack Dusty A supply rating
    Jack me Tickler A know all sailor. Been there done it type.
    Jackproof Robust piece of equipment or kit
    Jack Strop A bellicose rating
    Jacksie Anus
    J.A.F.O. Just another f*****g observer
    J.A.M.T.F. Just another mouth to feed
    Jagos Mansion RN Barracks, Devonport, HMS Drake
    Jan/Janner West Country rating
    Jaunty/Joss/Jossman Master at Arms
    J.B. Johore Bharu (near Singapore)
    Jig-a-jig Brothel visit
    Jimmy/Jimmy the one First Lieutenant
    Jockanese Scots accent


    Keks Underpants - see dung hampers
    Killick Leading hand
    ‘kin ‘ell! Abbreviated expostulation
    Kipper Two faced b*****d with no guts
    Kit muster Formal inspection of kit
    Knacker crackers Beefy female thighs
    Knobber Homosexual
    Knuckle Hit somebody with fist
    Knuckle bosun Punchy matelot
    Kytai (sounds KyeTie) Transvestite (He-She) see Bugis Street
    Kye Cocoa made from grated dark unsweetened chocolate


    Larboard Original word for Port (left) side of ship
    Lash-up Generous hospitality also makeshift arrangements
    Laughing gear Mouth
    Lazy lob Partial erection
    Lead on MacDick Undiscriminating fornicator (see Fanny rat)
    Lee side Sheltered side
    Liberty Boat Small vessel used to take Jack ashore & return him
    Libertymen Jack proceeding ashore (usually at a designated time)
    Lifebuoy ghost Sentry at aft end of ship when underway
    Lightweight Someone with a cushy number onboard
    Lined up On a disciplinary charge
    Lob on An erection
    Lower Deck lawyer A Jack me Tickler always quoting rules and regulations

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