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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Tas-ape, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Echo

    Ear pounding Bollicking
    Egg Banjo Eggs in a long bread roll (similar to a French stick) smothered in ketchup or brown sauce. Usually obtained East of Suez.
    Egyptian AFO's Pornographic books with poor spelling - see AFO
    Elmer An American
    Essence Word to describe something beautiful (usually female)
    Exped Adventurous training


    Falls Ropes for raising/lowering boats (see marry the falls)
    Fang farrier Dentist
    Fanny Liquid container eg Rum Fanny
    Fanny rat Womaniser
    Fast black Taxi (orig Singapore)
    Father Famine Caterer etc or Supply Officer responsible for food
    Feed 'em rice Uncaring
    FES (pronounced Fezz) Far East Station
    FFO Furnace fuel oil
    FFSBU For F***s sake buck up
    Fid Small marline spike or a sheaf of papers
    Fish head General Service personnel (word used by Wafoos)
    Figgy duff Suet pudding, usually with fruit
    Flaked out Asleep or lying in relaxed position
    Flag 8 Women in the vicinity
    Flags Senior Rate Yeoman Signalman
    Flanker Pull a fast one as in "work a flanker"
    Flash up (1) Lose your temper
    Flash up (2) Start machinery/main engines etc
    Float test Ditch something overboard or getting rid of something
    Flog yer log Masturbate
    FOD Foreign Object Damage
    Free gangway Able to proceed ashore without formal inspection
    Friday while Long weekend leave
    FRISP F*****g repulsive ignorant Scottish pig (Rosyth Dockyard Matey)


    Gannet Greedy
    Gas & gaiters Gunnery rating
    Gash Surplus to requirements
    Gash hand Useless rating normally
    Get your hat See in the (Rattle)
    Get your lagging on Getting dressed for going ashore
    Get your lagging off Get your knickers off
    G.I. Gunnery Instructor
    Gizzits Free gift of any description
    Gnats piss Weak beer
    Go round the buoy Repeat, take a second helping
    Gobbler’s gulch Area between stocking top and suspender belt
    Gob shite Loudmouth
    God walloper Chaplain/Padre
    Goffer Big breaking wave. Fruit flavoured soft drink
    Goofer Spectator
    Green rub Unjust treatment, detailing, draft etc
    Greenies Electricians
    Grey Funnel Line The (seagoing) Royal Navy
    Grippo Free treat - usually by a civilian
    Gronk An ugly woman
    Gronk board Mess board with pictures of ugly women
    Guard & steerage 30 minute lie in for non watchkeepers working late
    Gulpers Very generous gesture regarding rum usually given for a big favour eg sub for duty. 8 gulpers = 1 tot.
    Gut (The) Strait Street, Valetta Malta (in)famous for bars/loose women (Gippo Queen, Sugars etc)
    Guzz Plymouth
    Gyro failure Staggering after having one too many


    Half a dog watch Short time- usually derogative about length of service
    Handsomely Slowly and carefully eg lowering a seaboat
    Hang out of Cohabit with a woman
    Hard cheese (see below)
    Hard shit! Bad luck
    Hard Tack Ship's biscuit
    Harries Anything you don't know the name of
    Head down Sleep: ‘Get your head down’
    Heads Toilet
    Heads (Captain of) Rating responsible for cleaning toilets
    Hedgehog Oversized prickly & painful bowel motion. Exceeds babies heads (2) in discomfort
    Herrings in Herrings in tomato sauce (HITS)
    Hoggin The sea
    Homeward bounders Large, untidy stitches
    Honk Smell offensively
    Honk (your ring up) Be violently sick
    Honky Fid Hong Kong
    Hook Anchor
    Hooky A leading hand
    Housewife Sewing kit - usually issued on joining up

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