Naval Slang Alpha to Delta


Lantern Swinger


A's & A's Alterations and additions
Adqual Additional qualifications
Adrift Late for work or duty
AFO Admiralty Fleet Orders - see DCI
Aggie Weston's Royal Sailors Rests
Airy Fairy Derogatory name for Fleet Air Arm personnel
All about Astute
All boots and gaiters Parade or Gunnery Instructor
All for it Enthusiastic (sometimes ironically)
All hands in Everybody
Ambeet/Amtoot Nickname for cheapest Maltese wine
Amp tramp Electrical rating
Anchor-faced Enthusiastic about the Royal Navy (see pusser)
Andrew (The) The Royal Navy
Arse bandit Homosexual
Arseholed Very drunk
Arse over tit Head over heels
At the rush As fast as possible


Babies heads (1)Tinned Steak and Kidney pudding
(2) Painful stretch of **** sphincter after bout of constipation

Bag shanty A brothel
Banyan Beach party where lots of beer is drunk
Baron strangler Taking advantage of someone well off
Barrack stanchion Sailor who seems to be able to avoid sea drafts
Bash Casual Naval acquaintance
Bashing the Bishop Masturbating
Basket weaving course Spell in RVH Netley (ex mental hospital near Southampton)
Beef/Beefer Homosexual
Beef Screen Ship's butcher's ready use store
Beer, big eats, bag off back on board Jack's ideal run ashore
Beer tokens Money
Belay Stop or cease doing something
Biffins bridge Connecting tissue between vulva and anus or the shelf between the "playpen" and the "gash chute"
Bible basher Regular church attender "in extremis"
Big eats Pay week meal shore
BITS Beans in tomato sauce (see Herrings in)
Black catter Someone who tops your story
Black gang Stokers
Black ham Mombasa ladies of the night
Blank week Week in which no payday
Blow-through Sexual intercourse
Blue See Bash above
Bluebell Metal polish
Blue Card man Special dutyman not required for standard duty watch
Blue Liners Navy issue cigarettes
Bluey Free airmail letter from operational area eg Iraq
Blushing & farting Shy, embarrassed
Boats Submarines
Bo'ness beastie Slang name for ladies of that town who used to frequent the Flotilla Club at South Queensferry
Bombay Runner Large cockroach
Bootneck Royal Marine
Both watches Muster of hands at the start of the working day
Bramah Success attained with extreme difficulty
Brass hat Commanders & above cap
Bravo Zulu (BZ) Well done!
Brightwork Any brass fitting that has to be polished eg Ship's Bell
Bristol fashion Neat and tidy as in all shipshape and Bristol fashion
Brothel creepers Soft soled shoes
Brownhatter or Brownjob Homosexual
Bubbly Pussers rum – grog – tot
Bucket of shit Friendly greeting as in Me old bucket o' shit how's it goin
Buffer Chief Bosun's Mate
Buffing up Polishing brightwork (see above)
Bugis Street Singapore Red Light area famous for Kytais (re-vamped 1985 now trendy shopping centre/tourist attraction )
Bunch of bastards Length of tangled rope that will take some undoing
Bunting Tosser Tactical signals branch rating
Burberry (Rub of) Lend me your raincoat
Burma Doo Bermuda
Burma Road/Way Below decks passageway forward to aft
Button Wooden cap on top of a mast - see Truck
Button boy Junior seaman on top of the mast (HMS Ganges)
Buzz Rumour


Caboosh Small work compartment, store, office, hideaway
Cackle the fat Idle chatter
Cackleberry Boiled egg
Call the hands Naval reveille
Can Man See Canteen Damager
Can spanner Tin opener
Canteen boat Junior Captain – gets all the shit jobs
Canteen Damager NAAFI Canteen Manager
Can't see me suit Bootneck or pongo in camouflage kit
Catch the boat up Contract a venereal disease
C.D.F. Commonsense. Common dog f***
Channel night Last night at sea PU before getting into base port
Cheesy 'ammy eggy Toast with bacon on top covered in a cheese mixture and topped with an egg
Chinese wedding cake Rice pudding with currants
Chippy Shipwright
Chippy's mate Shipwright's assistant
Chokka Upset
Chop Chop Get a move on. Hurry up.
Chop one off Salute
Chuffed Very pleased
Chuffs & Puffs Chiefs and Petty Officers
Cinderella leave Leave until midnight only
Clacker Pie crust
Clanky Someone in the engineer branch
Clear lower deck All personnel to muster
Clear your yardarm Ensure no blame will come to you if something goes wrong
Clews Cords from which a hammock is slung (see nettles)
Close to the wind Living dangerously
Close up Go to your action station/place of duty etc
Clubswinger Physical Training Instructor - PTI
Coil one down Have a sh*t in an unusual place
Cook of the Mess Prepare meals for the mess & clean up
Cock and arse party Officers cocktail party
Colours Ceremonial hoisting/lowering of White Ensign
Comic Cuts Sailors confidential or promotion reports
Con Control of ship's steering
Condensing snot Snoring
Corticene Pussers linoleum (usually red in colour)
Crabfat RAF personnel
Crab Air Air travel courtesy of the RAF
Crabs Pubic lice, often known as “crutch cricketsâ€
Crash/Crash out Go to bed
Cross the bar Die - He's crossed the bar ie left life's harbour
Crusher Regulating Petty Officer
CSB Courage Sparkling Bitter - strong ale brewed for HM Ships


D by P Discharge by purchase (forerunner to PVR)
Dabtoe Seaman
Daddy "S" Commander in Supply Branch
DCI Defence Council Instructions succeeded AFO's circa 1960
Deckhead survey Sleeping
Dhaigsa (sounds Diso) Harbour rowing boat peculiar to Malta
Dhobey Wash/bath/shower
Dhobey bucket Bucket used for crashing out clean clothes
Dhobey dust Soap powder
Dhobey hitch Unrecognisable knot which comes undone easily
Dhobey Rash Red rash caused by not rinsing clothes properly
Dhobey Wallah Laundryman (normally Chinese)
Dig in/out Help yourself – “fill yer bootsâ€
Dip To fail
Dip in/Dipped in Strike lucky
Dip out/Dipped out Lose out on something
Dip your wick Have sexual intercourse
Ditty Box Where Jack keeps his prized possessions
Divisions Formal parade or how Departments are split
Dockyard jellyfish Green gob of phlegm
Dockyard matey Dockyard "worker"
Dockyard oyster Green gob of phlegm floating in water
Dockyard runaround Being messed about
Dode More than a smidgen
Doggo Ugly, usually ungallantly of a woman
Dog Watch (in for a) Derogatory term for a sailor who has only been in RN for a short time
Dog Watches 1600 to 1800 First Dog. 1800 to 2000 Last Dog
Dollar bosun Paymaster/ Supply Officer /Senior Writer Rating
Doofer Half smoked cigarette (do fer later)
Double breasted matelot Coarse name for Wren (now female sailors)
Draft Chit Movement order to another ship/unit
Drafty Person/office that issues draft chits
Draw one off Punch or slap
Drip Moan, complain
Drop test Electrical version of Float Test
DTS Dinner time session or Dartmouth Training Squadron
Duff, Up the Pregnant
Duff up Give a hiding to
Dung hampers Underpants - see keks


Lantern Swinger
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