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Naval shopping antics

You know what is worse, his 'daughter in law' over heard and saw my 'antics' and decided to go home, tell her other half who then most probably shared the dit ove a beer with his father who was up on leave for the weekend.

And who said the world isn't a small place?
all_purple_now said:
Father_Famine said:
I wonder if they were something to do with the URNU, maybe they needed some dhobi dust prior to sailing away for the weekend, students might take their weeks dhobying on board to crack out at the weekend, which also might explain why they were in uniform

And how many URNU student Lt's are there? Unless, of course, the CO & TO were trying to do their laundry on the cheap...


Good Point, :oops: mind you this is Liverpool, so maybe the Village Peoplle Tribute Band idea is more likely
Being my usual skinhead ruffian type in jeans and t-shirt at the fareham branch of natwest I was used to getting indifferent service, however, whilst instructing at Collingrad had to pop into the branch during lunchtime in senoir rates rig and the difference was unbelievable. Bank fanny went out of their way to serve and couldn't be more helpful.
1 Never judge a book by its' cover
2 Bank employees.... snobby twats for people who work for a pathetic wage and have the audacity to look down their noses at people who earn loadsamoney but don't choose to dress in shirt and tie.

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