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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know why a pair of RN lieutenants were wandering around Asda on Smithdown Road, Liverpool in rig this afternoon?

    What I found disconcerting was that they were sharing a trolley and whenever I see blokes sharing a trolley I automatically think that they're a pair of analists.

    What was bizarre was that all they seemed to be buying was some cling film and about 20kg of Persil.

    What the fuck do you think they were up to?
  2. Probably stocking up to have very clean sex.
  3. I regularly used to go and do shopping with my oppo's from the same grot or go and do dhobi runs together.

    I'm sure officers do the same.

    I still think it is wrong to go ashore in rig though but it's allowed now I guess.
  4. I'd lay money on the fact they were the 2 junior officers on an MCMV, in Liverpool for a visit , and the XO's told them to go buy some more dhobi powder as the ship's run out. I did exactly the same once in Newcastle, and received so much abuse from the locals, bought a cheapo jacket to wear over my rig when I went shopping.
  6. A pair of local "Village People" tribute band Members?
  7. If he was anything like the stewards we had when I deployed in a certain now-defunct CVS, it would be a lot less hassle to get a junior officer to do it, otherwise the entire WR would be on a certain Stewards' Nines. And I'm not particularly keen on the taste of JR spittle..... unless it's in "Le Jardin" 10 minutes before closing time. :wink: :wink:
  8. I'm more interested to know why you were taking such a close interest in men in uniform with packets of cling film? Anything you'd like to share with the rest of us? :wink:
  10. Before the NI trouble we had no choice but to go ashore in Uniform any place outside of a Naval Port UK or Abroad. Even in Naval Ports, Pompey, Guzz etc it only changed about 1965.

  11. In the late '70s, apart from the IRA, another reason given was to prevent so-called "student activists" having a go at us.
    Us being "Lackeys of the capitalist establishment", and other such terms of endearment.

    I find it ironic now, that those selfsame students are now the Government.
  12. I use that very branch of ASDA, but, I hasten to add am not a Lieutenant or have a penchant for Officers Uniforms.
    The strange thing is on Friday I went to Tesco in Allerton Road instead, I needed fuel as well.
    I am based about 1/2 mile from said ASDA and indeed visit the NHS units just behind it regularly.
    I wonder if they were something to do with the URNU, maybe they needed some dhobi dust prior to sailing away for the weekend, students might take their weeks dhobying on board to crack out at the weekend, which also might explain why they were in uniform :oops:
  13. I walked into ASDA's in Winnersh one afternoon, to get this straight; I was hitching a lift home with a friend from Guzz.

    We were still in our C95's, no biggy, just couldn't be asked to get changed. Put a jumper over our tops so we didn't look to 'out of it', however, arborfield is only down the road. My friends fella calls her ( he is army based in arbordfield) and says that he is on his way to Asda's to stock up on some weekend bevvies. We are standing in the 'alcohol' section when a line of green walks passed. We were expecting 1 or 2 guys not 12!!!!

    So, you can imagine the local femme fatels going a little 'hot under the collar'. Anyhow, they literally skipped off and disappeared some where among the shelves.

    I drag my friend off to the 'ladies' section, she grabs a few packets of jonny’s, hell, she's is home for 2 days not 2 months! Anyhow, she shouts at me to get her some Vaseline as she needs to lube up for the weekend. Then she shouts 'mind grabbing some veet for me, the bikini waxing kind, need to keep my bush in tip top cond for the sgt!'.

    Then she comes over to me, slaps my arse and says 'us girls in uniform need to keep it close' and grabs my boob.

    I swear I dropped to the ground and crawled out of there! To make it worse, my CPO is from around that area, so a nice call into his 'office' the following week to ask about my 'moment of fame' in Asdas was due for!
  14. And how many URNU student Lt's are there? Unless, of course, the CO & TO were trying to do their laundry on the cheap...

  15. After reading that last dit from Jenny, I now realise I'm from a different generation.

    We used to get bollocked for saying that Wrens were just "Jack with tits."
  16. You know what is worse, his 'daughter in law' over heard and saw my 'antics' and decided to go home, tell her other half who then most probably shared the dit ove a beer with his father who was up on leave for the weekend.

    And who said the world isn't a small place?
  17. Good Point, :oops: mind you this is Liverpool, so maybe the Village Peoplle Tribute Band idea is more likely
  18. Being my usual skinhead ruffian type in jeans and t-shirt at the fareham branch of natwest I was used to getting indifferent service, however, whilst instructing at Collingrad had to pop into the branch during lunchtime in senoir rates rig and the difference was unbelievable. Bank fanny went out of their way to serve and couldn't be more helpful.
    1 Never judge a book by its' cover
    2 Bank employees.... snobby twats for people who work for a pathetic wage and have the audacity to look down their noses at people who earn loadsamoney but don't choose to dress in shirt and tie.

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