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Falklands veterans have expressed their sadness as hundreds of mementoes from HMS Intrepid have been sold on the internet auction site eBay.

The unsung heroine of the Falklands War is being dismantled and her parts including speed indicators, working engines and winches have been put on the website for sale.

One collector paid £740 for the compass from the vessel.

Intrepid was towed out of Portsmouth harbour amid much sadness last September to be scrapped in Liverpool.

War veterans were hoping she could be saved because during the 1982 conflict the amphibious landing ship played a vital role in re-taking the South Atlantic islands.

But the warship is the latest in a long line of 20th century vessels to have been scrapped, no matter what their role was in history.

Former Intrepid crew member Derek 'Smokey' Cole said: 'It's sad to see the old girl look this way.

'But I suppose they all have an end to their lives. It's a shame that none of the Falklands ships look like they are going to be kept.'

Mr Cole recently visited the scrapyard in Liverpool and came away with his own souvenir – a maker's plate from the laundry room of the ship.
The chairman of the Falkland Veterans' Foundation added: 'At the end of the day bits and pieces might as well be sold off because they are going to get scrapped anyway.

'In one way it's good that people have the opportunity to get something from the ship.'

About 250 people have been working to dismantle the 11,000-ton hulk, which was decommissioned in 1999.

HMS Intrepid is the first ship in the UK to be dismantled under the Green Passport scheme which highlights potential hazards on board.

About 40 tons of hazardous material, including asbestos, were removed from the ship.

Up to 11,000 tons of steel, iron and copper will be melted down and reused.

Stuart Halsey, project leader for the dismantling operation for Leavesley International, said: 'We are selling bits of Intrepid all the time. It's got quite a history.

'There is quite a demand for these mementoes on eBay. Hundreds of mementoes have been sold.

'As part of the project there is also equipment that can be reused and resold including engines, winches and anchor chains.'
1967 Aden withdrawl,yes remember it well, the old Intrepid, even though I was not aboard it could see it well from up steamer point. Cant say as I saw you polycell, you must have been downstairs when I looked. :wink:
Sad,I just "won" in Ebay 115v socket,as an ex greenie who kept the first watch in the switchboard of the first commission (afternoon during commissioning ceremony)it seemed a good idea . Nostalgia aint what it used to be.I recall that during the first embarked forces exercise, one dozy pongoe from the DLI pinched our mess iron,he is probably still wondering why it burnt out when plugged into 230 vac.
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