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Re Admiral Watson and his appointment to Lion, the Tiger class presented particular challenges to his branch as they were the first generation of AC ships, so everything anyone knew about DC ring mains and so forth went clean over the side. Whereas a Colony class merely had a 2 1/2 L reporting to Cdr(E), in the Tigers the L side was a complete branch on its own with its own Cdr. Lion in particular had an experimental electrically controlled 6" Mk 26 turret aft (as opposed to hydraulic) which I heard, during trials, took the head off Vickers' chief design draughtsman. So L in Lion was a leading edge job for a leading edge man.
The original 'Bubbles' became Admiral Sir William 'Bubbles' James, who was C in C Portsmouth during the Blitz. See his autobiography 'The Sky Was Always Blue.'

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