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  1. hey does anyone know about how you can become a naval police officer and whether you have to be in a specific branch?? or any other general info. :D
  2. 'Sideways' entry is the route. In other words, you need to be in the RN, qualified and keen as mustard. AFAIK there is no specific branch that is preferential to any other branch - it comes down to the individual.
  3. If you really want to join that branch I believe it's a sideways entry. In other words you have to join up as something else first. Once you are pretty much a Killick or passed for one and if they think you are no good in your current branch they will let you become a snake.

    I'm sure SPB on here will tell you more info

    Edited: some already posted what I said as I wrote this
  4. Until recently was qualified for Leading Hand and recommended after a 'crushers acquaint'.

    I'm sure Sgt P can let you know in more detail.
  5. And dont bank on loads of sea time if you go crusher,
  6. Pass for Leading Hand in your own branch, spend a couple of weeks with the reggies then wait for your course/operation - Can't remember how long the course is but the operation to remove your brain takes about two hours and recovery is the rest of your life!
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You've confused the transfer regulations for the joining requirements for the Crabmarine Service... :wink:

    PM sent, jonesys_goingtobeasailor

  8. lol thanks guys....guess that the RNP arent too popular! :D
  9. You forgot "failed in chosen branch and bitter", I'm pretty sure that's listed as a requirement in the BR.
  10. That also goes for ACs, gash in the ops room in source branch yet think they know more about the AIO than anyone else onboard.
  11. Is AC still a sideways entry or is it a direct entry now?
  12. Direct mate. A whole new generation of "I'm better than you's".
  13. Bummer I prefered the one's that had at least done some time before they crossed over lol
  14. Agreed, and therein lies a large problem further down the line.
  15. In my day the only Direct entry branches were Steward and MA :p
  16. Ah well it's bums on seats I guess

    My oppo has been doing exams for Civi AC at Heathrow. He's a LAC well was, he's currently now an AC after punching an officer lol
  17. Surely in your day the MA was called a loblolly boy! :D
  18. They were SBAs when I joined doc but suddenly they were all promoted to MAs. This suites a rather old three badge Killick on Eagle who had just got his hook, he was now an ALMA, a name much more suitable than Barry. :p :p
  19. Love it :D There were still a few of them about in the mid sixties! Some of them were predatory bastards as well!
    I had just qualified as an SBA in 1965 when they split the branch into MAs and Med Techs. Lots of LSBAs became PO Med Tech overnight and SBPOs became Chiefs, or at least they wore the uniform! I was disappointed because I really wanted to be a Killick Sickbayman, the best rate in the Branch, and my chance was gone; MA just isn't the same.

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