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I was just wondering if anyone on here is a naval nurse and if anyone could enlighten me about what they do. I've checked the RN website but its not really that helpful.

Will I get to spend much time on deployments or will I pretty much always just be working on military wards in UK hospitals?

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Hi & welcome

Not sure if there's any regular contributors who are Naval Nurses, but first & foremost, not wishing to put you off, merely to manage your expectations: There aren't many recruited each year- less than a dozen sometimes.

The very high Recruiting Test score required for Nurse, besides the GCSE's & 200 UCAS points at A2 Level generally whittle down the amount of successful applicants.

Those who succeed are for the most part UK based but will serve at sea and on land with their Tri- Service counterparts, particularly in operational theatres, possibly even in a field casualty receiving centre (a tent!), including Afghanistan and Iraq, maybe even in the new Princess Royal Medical Centre in Gibraltar (not a tent).

There's a fair bit on the RN Website including the Naval Nurse Profile , Critical care Nursing , Naval Nurses and Nursing Officers.

Oh yeah, generally (although admittedly not always) you will work in primary healthcare, not often involving paediatrics & geriatrics. Those who do work in paediatrics, will generally specialise in that particular area. (Midwifery).

Hope that helps a bit & happy to be corrected by those better informed.
I agree wholeheartedly with what Ninja says in the above message.

Trying to get in the RN as a Naval Nurse is quite difficult at the moment. If you can get a place then it's a great way to train and get a good wage whilst doing it. The life as a Naval Nurse is very varied and will set you up for life in the future.

Pop along to your nearest AFCO for more info as soon as you can.



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