Naval Nurses in WW1

This has started me off researching my Dad again ... who said researching the past was easy.

Basically Dad was a member of the St John during the war and was mobilised into a "mobile hospital" - (one of the links on Seaweed's post above came up with a list of the British General Hospitals during the war hence the renewed interest).

Dad never spoke about his time during the war other than the fact he was in a Mobile Hospital and so far I have found out that the SJA nurses were drafted to work alongside Military nurses and were under the command and control of the Military as VAD's ... however I have been unable to find any reference to specific units where individuals were sent.

SJA Museum doesn't have any detailed records and I cant see where to start looking in the National Archives - So anyone got any ideas where or what to start looking at as at the moment I seem to be p*ssing into the wind!
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