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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bigtrousersnake, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. hello i just wondered, does a naval nurse get much seagoing time?
  2. Probably only on the ARGUS when she is utilised as PCRF, but don't quote me
  3. Correct. Only ARGUS isn't doing huge amounts right now. If you join up fully qualified, you might just make it to HERRICK 14, otherwise I suspect it'll be an MDHU for you.

    I don't think there are any NN's on here, but Angrydoc might know more...
  4. BTS

    Could you expand on your question a little, please ............
  5. do ships have naval nurses, or are they all on base, also they do get to work out in afghan and any future warzones (we all pray there wont be anymore but there may be)
  6. but...

    if the buzz I heard today is correct, deploying ships could soon have a Nurse Practioner (sp?!) instead of a GDMO. Que howls of anger from the Med (Dr.) community, but lets be honest chaps, Surg Lt's are the world's most highly paid entertainment's committee chairmen......
  7. BTS

    You are already en route to being a MA(SM) though ...........


    (or maybe I'm just stupid)
  8. i can relate to what BTS has asked because my ca told me that because it's a 2 year wait to get in as an MA, that i should take one year and do some a-levels and i may be able to alter my ap if i fancied that route.
  9. yes i know, sorry, the info was to help out a mate who is waying up her options between the forces, and it was the seatime and chance to visit other countries that was drawing her to the navy
  10. BTS

    Please send this link to her and suggest that she gets down to the AFCO sharpish.
  11. I am only going on what was said to me at the AFCO, so still be worth her speaking to them for herself; but might give a little something to think about until then.

    Apparently Nurses are mainly needed in a certain warm place at the moment, and even when based at 'home' all of the services tend to work side by side. The most notable choice I was told to make in regards to which service to choose, was that the RAF can do extra training to become Aeromed Nurses. They tend to have more at Headley Court too, so may be worth thinking about what she wants to be doing. Although lifestyle in each force should be looked into, they all work together most of the time, many Naval ones are stationed with Marines onland. But again, this could be wrong, might only be part of the story, was just one persons informally bit of information. All of the services have contact addresses and emails for their Nursing Units, they can send out information packs etc to have a little look through.
  12. There you go. And as I'm married to one of them, take it easy chaps. :wink:
  13. I'm married to one too... Unfortunately, she joined after Ward Uniform was phased out.
  14. Rumrat,you made my day!Love the old QARNNS uniforms!Brings back many,many happy memories!
  15. I've still got the QARNN that was in it. :D
    And she had the old style ward uniform, I just Pm'd Alfred the great a look see :D
  16. You lucky, lucky personage rumrat... anyone would do me.... lovely
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The middle one is AndyM, which explains "His" lack of sea time
  18. Very funny!KNOB!LOL

    However this is what the MA of 1980 was wearing.

  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You haven't changed much at all

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