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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by wrighty, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. I'm a student nurse with a long-held interest in joining the Navy, and i think the RNR would be a great starting point. I've found a bit of info on the rnr section of the website and from what i understand the rnr is interested in recruiting student nurses, but i cant find anything at all about selection or basic training.

    Can anyone tell me a little bit about the fitness standards and selection process? Also, would i do all my training at my local unit? Or would i go away to do my basic training? If it is a mixture of both where does it start (ie at my local unit or at a training centre?)
  2. I would be very, very happy to explain all this to you over dinner.

    More seriously, if you want I can put you in touch with the divisional officer i/c naval nurses of my unit's medical branch, who will be able to answer all your questions. Bung me a message if you'd like her contact details.
  3. Thanks very much for your help guys, i had a look at the faqs GCYZ and found the basic fitness standard is 1.5miles in 12:20, which im capable of doing :)

    Im still struggling to find anything about the basic training, can anyone tell me about basic training for an RNR rating? What other fitness will i find myself doing alongside the 1.5mile run?
  4. Not much, to be honest. Once you're in and through basic training, you can go without any PT except for the annual fitness test. Last time I took the FT, there was a requirement for X press-ups and Y sit-ups, but I believe the AFCO requires only the 1.5 mile run to approve you for entry (it's an odd system; go to an open evening at the unit, but the AFCO handles the new recruit paperwork, I think; I stand by to be corrected on this score, though, as it is a confusing system of entry).

    Naval nurse in the RNR is an oddball one, as your civilian qualifications as a nurse are the key factor.
  5. Good luck on this one...

    My girlf is trying to do this, and almost two years later has just passed out of Phase one. Do not under-estimate the difficulties of getting to drill night whilst on shifts etc. (which is true for nearly all reservists who work shifts).

    As an added bonus, they are only recruiting nurses if they have more than 2 years of post qualification experience. As a result my girlf is having to choose between GSSR or Log's, despite being a fully trained and qualified nurse. Utterly barking if you ask me, but then that is Naval nursing all over.

    I'm a regular, so am well accounted to the vageries of Pusser's thought process, but the treatment handed out to potential RNR NN is beyond my comprehension. Before you go to the RNR, check out your local TA and RAuxAF units as well. A gutting comment to make about a service I'm devoted to, but in this instance they deserve it.
  6. Without wanting to cast aspersions, that is not entirely correct.

    QARNNS(R) (as with the QARNNS/QARANC/PMRAFNS/RAuxAF and from this year the TA) does not commission nurses with less than 2 years' postgraduate experience - this is part of the common terms of service which medical & nursing personnel across the DMS have gone on to, and which was successfully implemented for the MO's about 2 years ago. This doesn't mean that nursing staff working in suitable clinical areas will not be welcomed with open arms.

    While the RNR medical branch wasn't recruiting for about 2 years, it is now - if anyone wants to be put in contact with the recruiters, please message me & I'll pass your details up the line.

    As regards training, there are drilll nights at the unit, but most of the medical branch training is done in Portsmouth, Rosyth or the exotic Keogh Barracks (probably 3 weekends a year & 2 weeks away); you would have to go to Raleigh or Dartmouth for your 2/52 basic training.

    Hope this helps.

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