Naval Nurse Adult (Student) Selection Board - a review


Have you got any ideas on the powerpoint?
Have you passed everything upto date? ie the NRST & PJFT

yes very scary stuff

There's loads of things you can do your power point based on. I have done mine however, top secret. Yes ive passed all of them just waiting on Jan. Do you feel nervous?


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Hi HC,
No, not nervous i am only 18 yrs old so i was just wondering what subject to use. I know what I am doing now so head is in the game haha, where are you from??, I live in Manchester so have a enormous travel all the way to the selection process.
Careful with your location details, think Persec and use PM's for that sort of thing, and then only if you're sure about the other person.


Hi all, quick couple of questions,
1. At Birmingham City University do you attend classes in military uniform?
2. Are the classes mixed service/civilian (i.e. are you mixed in with the civilian students?)


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One for @photface perhaps?


You don’t attend the actual Uni in uniform, and you do have lectures with civvies.

There’s usually a day of the week set aside for the unit to get together, for this and all other engagements that would be considered duty you will need to wear uniform.

Hope this helps!


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