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Heard on Rad 4 today that all the old RN Naval surgeon records from the National Archives are now open to the public.
Fascinating tales including the amputation of Nelsons arm to a poor young girl with a 22" worm inside of her!She carried on crapping worms but they cured her but I missed how,only the surgeon was highly praised when the ship docked.
Should be some good tales there from all the operations carried out by RN and Merchant Surgeons.
Guess it's too much to hope they would be put on line but some descriptions are pretty gruesome so they said.
Guess it's worth a look if you live in the Smoke.


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‘The Cree Journals 1837-1856’ Surgeon EH Cree ed. M Levien, pub. Webb & Bower 1981 while not being (or at least the editor's selection is not) medical is a fascinating account of naval life by a surgeon, illustrated with his own beautiful watercolours including some of Hong Kong when it was just a no-account Chinese fishing village.

Cree does record a demonstration by an Irish landlord of the truth of Couvier's discovery that Irish skulls are thicker than those of normal people.
Thanks for those,I have read a few books and reports of various surgeons including the Victory, it was more the mundane kind of records that were carried out on ships and dealt with by trial and error that these records will show and may be of interest.
some Docs found amazing cures like the poor young girl and it was entered into the records when he docked.
What was the cure for galloping knob rot, I think I still may have some traces and I would like it cleared up!

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