Naval manning numbers

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Crashevans86, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Turns out we are not in that bad a state :/

    Royal Navy and Royal Marines Monthly Personnel Statistics out today. Read the March 2014 report here:

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  2. Crash,

    I think you may be applying a statisticians eye through some off-pink spectacles my old china!
  3. Sorry I wish I could apply more sarcasm, we are fooked.

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  4. That doesn't make awe inspiring reading :neutral:
  5. Didn't understand most of that, in a simple yes or no- is it advisable to jump off the sinking ship before even joining following those stats? Answers on a postcard.

  6. In many ways, it depends. Promotion will be rapid, if you're good enough, but there are many reasons why people are leaving, they'll probably (at some point) apply to you.
  7. Jesus, that's ****ing miserable. VO Rates going up despite civvy street not being that great. Hate to think what'll happen when civvy life is a bit more rosy.....
  8. That is scary, when I think back to 1961 when I joined up, we had I believe 150,000 of us matelots running around.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    McDonalds employ more people than the RN. My guess is the Scots Navy will become the McNavy as it'll need commercial sponsorship.
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  10. Lies, damn lies and statistics. Very interesting read though. Thanks for the link - it will be interesting to monitor the changes.
  11. You could fit the entire RN & RM in a football stadium, and still have sh1t loads of seats left!
  12. Think of the queue to the bar?

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  13. I know it's the pedant in me, but: Being that football stadiums come in an enormous variety of sizes, this statement is frankly a bit ****ing daft.

    If you mean the Aztec Stadium in Mexico then that's a silly statement as the same could be said of most Naval forces.

    If you mean Holker Street then that's also a silly statement and we'd all be boycotting the sun and calling for justice for the 96.

    It's all about being specific you see and yes, I'm stuck in traffic and have nothing better to do.
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  14. I think the, ":/", was a dead give away to be honest. :thumbup:
  15. They could fit all of the Army (at the new levels), RM and the SM service in to Wembley probably the fleet air arm as well but I can't be arsed doing the exact sums.
  16. I know. It's just you hear that phrase thrown around a lot about fitting into a 'football stadium' and it doesn't really mean anything.

    You might as well say: "You can fit all of the RN into a field." Well how big's the ****ing field?
  17. Ten bus lengths or three Olympic swimming pools?
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  18. Size of Wales I believe.
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