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For anyone signed up to the "" UK TV bittirrent site, there's a DVD rip that's just appeared that looks fascination.

TheBox said:
Know Your Own Navy Pt. 1: Produced by the RAF in 1941 to help aircrew identify Allied warships, this introductory film is packed with rare footage of everything from battleships to depot and repair ships.

Know Your Own Navy Pt. 2: Concentrating on RN battleships, battlecruisers and carriers, this identification film includes a look at King George V, Hood, Repulse and the carriers Eagle, Furious and Ark Royal.

Know Your Own Navy Pt. 3: This part concentrates on heavy and light cruisers, destroyers, sloops and repair ships.

The Navy In Action: An action-packed look at the RN at war, with actual combat footage ranging from anti-u-boat strikes to Seafire carrier ops to the invasion of Sicily.

Meeting The U-Boat Menace: A look of the specialist Submarine Detection Branch and their training facilities at Nimrod.

Our Company: A dramatised introduction to the 'Y Scheme', whereby potential young naval recruits could apply for the type of job they wanted before being called up.

Sailors Of Tomorrow: A film inviting the youth of Britain to train with the Sea Cadets, the Air Training Corps and the Army Cadet Force.

Submarine Patrol: A dramatised voyage on board a British submarine covered from start to finish.

The Chariot: A Royal Naval Film Unit Production recreating a typical attack by the 2-man 'Human Torpedo' and offering a detailed look at its design and controls.

Special Features

* HMS Royal Sovereign.
* HMS Ark Royal.
* HMS Illustrious.

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