Naval Int & The "Daily Mail" Operation 1916

Can anyone give me any leads on good sources for the above topic specifically and more generally about Room 40 of the Admiralty during the Great War? I have been pinged to arrange an event with this as the theme of the talk and know less than nothing about it.
Re: Naval Int & The "Daily Mail" Operation 191

Thanks for the link.

Have now completed the presentation and can safely say that RN OPSEC in the Great War was SO good that there wasn't a single piece of information available on the internet (that I could find) on the "Daily Mail Deception" of 1916!!!

I have to say that previously I knew less than nothing about the activities of Room 40 and the Naval Intelligence Division but was absolutely fascinated and amazed at the depth and variety of operations undertaken. I would seriously suggest that anyone with an interest in Great War history take a look at what they did.
Re: Naval Int & The "Daily Mail" Operation 191

Should be able to although it's primarily just bullet points to speak around. If that would be of interest, I'm more than happy to.