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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by scouse, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. :roll: New ones to me!!! 1 Cacklebeery ie Egg. 2 Spithead Pheasant ie Kipper. 3 Train Smash ie Tinned Pilchards in Tomato Sauce. :wink: corrected spelling mistake :oops: :oops:
  2. I thought it was cackleberry? And Train smash was Pot mess?

    Teddybears ears - Prawn crackers. = that's my favorite.
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    ?Cackleberry (negat crackle..). Whistleberries per contra being baked nbeans. Always understood that train smash was tinned tomatoes. Herrings In were always Herrings In. Supplied (like Corned Dog and ship's biscuits) as emergency rations, which had to be rotated to keep in date, so tended to turn up rather regularly. The corned dog was in 56lb tins so rather a problem in a minesweeper to get through a tin in one sititng as it were.
  4. How about shit on a raft alias kidney on fried bread, or babies heads alias tinned steak and kidney pudding.
  5. You all know "shit on a raft",but how about replacing kidneys with grilled tomatos and calling it "miscarriage on a raft".
  6. Perhaps if you'd spent some real time at sea you'd have heard these expressions..... :lol: (Ducks to avoid Scouse's incoming projectile)
  7. Which would no doubt be a dockyard tortoise.
  8. Yes, probably from "Small Ships" on FLJ too.
  9. Politically Incorrect Jewish hand gernades-Pork pies
    Jock salad-Ham and chips
  10. Cheesy, Hammy, Eggies - best ever.

    Skinheads on a raft - Beanz on toast.

    Jewish hand grenades - Pork Pies

    HITS - Herrings in tomato sauce.

    Jap wedding cake - Rice Pudding

    Baby Spew - Sandwich spread

    Babys heads - Steak & Kidney Pudding

    Yellow Peril - Smoked Haddock
  11. Action man pillows = Ravioli.
    Snorkers in fearnought(spelling??) = battered sausage.
    Ballerina Shit = strawberry angle delight
    Monkeys spunk= Semolina
    Mermaids piss = Vinegar
    Fullers earth = pepper
    Piss filters = Kidneys
    Tank tranks = that funny looking strip of kebab meat.
    Apples (ie pint of) = cider
    Banjo = filled roll (any one know where this one comes from???)
    Moo juice = milk
    Goffer = fizzy drink
    Rats coffin = pastie
    elephants toenail = pastie
    janner kebab = pastie

    Thats it im spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not bad for a Woo i think!
  12. Just a few more

    Arigonis Tinned Tomatos
    Niggers Dick Sliced Black Pudding
    Elephants Trunk Sliced Spam
  13. elephants footprints - battered spam
    Cows egg - milk
    BITS - Beans in tomie sauce
  14. I would say

    "train smash" was Arigoni's (tinned toms) and sausages at worst the tinned type or rashers of bacon.

    "Elephants feet" Spam fritters.

    Go to this page if you want the receipes for thes delightful creations.

    Jacks Grub

  15. [quote="
    Banjo = filled roll (any one know where this one comes from???)

    I have always taken it from Egg Banjo where after completion you always find egg yolk down your front and attempt to wipe if off. The wiping motion being akin to playing a Banjo, well thats what my sea dad told me!
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Brown flavour = gravy/chocolate custard
    Yellow flavour = cheese sauce/custard

    Shit = everything else
    Fried egg on top = leftovers ("You'll keep getting it until it's gone!")

  17. Don't have to spend time at sea, I heard those expressions as a teenager, that is about the time that Pontious had just gained his wings.
  18. What would a crab know about matelot food as after all, you lot eat in five star hotels all the fecking time. :)
  19. Maybe this one should be aligned with the thread for Golly exoneration, as it is non PC!

    Niggers in the snow -baked rice pudding with raisins!
  20. Rice pud = Rickshaw petrol

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