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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Buccaneer, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Hello

    On the quest for places I visted as a youth I am wondering what happened to the following establishments - have they been sold off - demnostished or turned into industral units:-

    HMS Forest Moor - North Yorkshork
    HMS Inspkin
    HMS Condor - I belive turned into a training school for the RM
    HMS Gamecock - from what I remember a FAA base in the Midlands
    RNAY Wroiughton - RAF hospital - Helicopter refitting place and a Sea Cadet Traning School - later the home of the Director Naval Recruiting

    I am sure thera are many more that reader would like to mention

  2. HMS Forest Moor is decommissioned 17.11.03 14:16

    The White Ensign has been hauled down for the last time at one of the Royal Navy’s most land-locked ‘ships’.
    HMS Forest Moor, situated at Nidderdale near Harrogate on the edge of the North Yorkshire National Park, has decommissioned after 43 years service.

    The establishment was first used as an intelligence unit, or ‘Y Station’, during World War II, and has since been used as a specialist communications centre, acting as headquarters of the radio services grouping within the MOD’s Defence Communication Services Agency which provides Very Low, Low and High Frequency radio communication services for the British Military and NATO. It was the Royal Navy's major HF receiver station

    Although more than 200 miles from the nearest front-line RN unit, Forest Moor had consistently delivered a high-quality communications service to the Royal Navy.

    Its role has now been taken up by a commercial company, although a small tri-Service staff will remain.

    A formal decommissioning ceremony was held on October 30, attended by more than 150 people, including former employees.

    The Harrogate Sea Cadets were on parade – they enjoyed a close association with Forest Moor – and Flag Officer Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland, Rear Admiral Nick Harris, presided over the occasion, speaking of the pride of those who served at the establishment.

    A Royal Marines Band provided music for the occasion.

    RNAS Inskip or as it was otherwise known HMS Nightjar is a former Fleet Air Arm airfield near the village of Inskip, Lancashire, England. The site today is still owned by the Royal Navy and is now home to DCSA Radio Inskip a tri-service communication centre. The current station has four 600 feet high aerials and several other smaller aerials.

    The runway was demolished in the 1970s after the tarmac from it was used to build the M55 motorway, incidentally the aerials can be seen from the motorway. Today only the smaller taxiways exist to prove of the airfields former existence.
  3. Inskip is still open as a radio comms centre, went there a few years ago (as a sea cadet) and the main road up to the place was once a runway apparantely.

    Condor is now home to 45 Cdo RM.

    see also
    In fact, perhaps wikipedia has information about the other places you want to find out about.
  4. Anyone recall RNWT Station Beacon Hill or the Joint Services Bomb Disposal School (JSBDS), which used to have a V2, and a KamiKazi suicide plane on display both based near the Royal Engineer School in Rochester, Kent.
    I used to do the stores accounts for them (in HMS Pembroke) and had a few good times auditing the PLR in the local boozer at Upnor the name of which escapes me at present but was near the old TS Arethusa.
  5. Gamecock barracks is home to 30 Sigs, the Satcom regiment who support the JTFHQ and assorted other commitments, including the RN on occasion. They provided the first dets for the Maritime Component Commander during Telic.

    Spent quite a lot of time up there.

    Forest Moor is run by Vospers, full of ex-RN and ex-RAF from when their HF sigs unit merged into Defence communications. Inskip is part of the same arrangement and still doing the same as before.
  6. Some interesting facts and plans for the future of the site of the Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal School (DEODS) at Chattenden, Kent can be found here and here.

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