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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by once_a_skimmer, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. Hi since leaving my medals have just been sat in a draw and I've been unsure what to do with them. Ive found a wooden medal box online and I'm going to order one to keep them safe along with my kippers, ribbons and beret badge.
    They can laser engrave the top with a crest but the RN doesn't really have one as such. I was going to use the below image but apparently its not suitable for laser engraving.


    So I'm looking for suggestions of something I could use. I did earn my dolphins but it was at the end of my career and I don't really consider myself a submariner as such so I'm not overly keen on using them in place.

    A link to the box is here

    I do now reside down under so the postage isn't a worry.
  2. There you go mate:

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  3. As that natives say fug me dead. But thanks anyway shippers.
  4. Here's a couple

    The current Royal Navy Logo

    The old logo

    Older logo with naval crown

    Seeing as you don't see yourself as a submariner, the surface fleet logo

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  5. Ageing_Gracefully

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  6. I discounted those corporate badges because I despise them all. Makes the RN look like a second rate internet start up company. Ive never even seen that GS logo before. Do people wear that now?
  7. Cheap, practical and badged.
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  8. But hard to pin onto No 1s!!

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