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Lantern Swinger
i am decluttering and have for sale various naval books, offers by p.m. only please ,also any questions,
1/ 1965-66 janes book of fighting ships ,461 pages of photo's and info of world fighting ships, v.g.c.
2/ 1978-79 janes fighting ships, 811 pages as above, with dust cover . excellent condition.
3/ 1994 janes fighting ships recognition hand book, 633 pages.
4/ 1776- 2001 janes submarines, 223 pages, excellent photo's.
5/ 1982-83 , british warships & auxiliaries.112 pages.
6/ 1996 , british warships & auxiliaries, 96 pages.
7/ submarines of the R.N. date unknown , covers from "o" boats to trafalgar class.
also a well read copy but in perfect condition, chas cooke's. ( why should britain tremble).
before any moans or gripes i could of done this on ebay, but would rather them go to someone with naval interests.
i will close the offers next tuesday 11th of december. purchaser to pay postage, some of these books are heavy
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