Naval Bomb Disposal Team in action

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. Live news stream
    VIDEO: Scene outside house in Torquay
    A number of homes have been evacuated after Police were called to investigate a suspicious device found in the back garden of a house in Torquay.

    People were told to stay away from the Falloway Close area around lunchtime today, and a bomb disposal team was called.

    UK Torquay bomb ShareShare on Facebook Share on TwitterShare on Google+ ABOUT 2 HOURS AGO 'UNEXPLAINED DEVICE' FOUND IN TORQUAY
    Residents expected to return home in 'the next two hours'
    Officers were called for an unrelated matter earlier on today at one of the addresses locally and whilst they were conducting their inquiries they came across some items that have given them some cause for concern as a result of that with safety of the public paramount we've called in expert help to make sure those items are safe and those inquiries are ongoing and in the next two hours we should be able to get people back into their houses."

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  2. the_long_walk.jpg Brave men, all.
  3. I hope he didn't read that wall poster before he set off on the long walk!
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  4. You couldn't help but take it as a sign. Could you?:angel2:
  5. As the IRA used to tell us EOD types. You have to be lucky every time, we have to be lucky once!
  6. Which applies equally now as did previously... Not very much seems to make the news though now there's peace over there
  7. I remember Using that saying and hearing it said of any VO/CW/RC/UV IED or "Boobytrap". Untill now I always thought it a generalisation as we always used "We" and "they". Every days a School day.
  8. Someone took a phot of a slogan next to an EOD operator in NI. This was then used as a timely reminder in poster format, in Felix building at the IEDD school. I believe as we are getting up close and personal with the device we can impart an element of luck. Unlike the victim of the correctly pointed out categories above. Unless one of the makers has fucked up in manufacturing (NI ones) there is little luck to be achieved in initiating a device.Go to the top of the class for your classifications though. Very. Impressive. You must be the one switched on Royal.....
  9. Not switched on, just too many "pussers" holidays, And I always liked to know whats on the menu. ^^
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