Naval Base in South Africa

Discussion in 'History' started by Jockroach, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the name of the Naval Base in South Africa. I remember driving to it when I visited Simonstown when I was on a sweeper on our way out to Hong Kong. But for the life of me I just cannot remember the name of the place.

    I thought it was HMS Thunderer but when I Google that, all that is returned is a sea going ship. Not a stone frigate. It was about half way between Simonstown and Cape Town.

    I'm visiting SA this year for our holidays and I would love to see if I can find the place again. Simonstown is on the itineray already.



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  2. HMS Afrikander was Simonstown
  3. Thanks for the link.

    PS The Red Sailor was read in 2 sittings. Crap ending! I'm sure I had read it when I were a lad. Stokers Plaything has it now.

  4. Was there an RN presence in Port Elizabeth c65-70?
  5. We flew the Wasp from Hms Danae 72 to an RN airbase at Simmonstown, dont recall the name of it!!! :oops:
  6. 21_Man Spot on. Thanks very much. It shall be on my planned route.

  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    In '64 HMS Afrikander was CinC SA and SA's base at Youngsfield. By '67 the three-star job had been knocked down to one and the Cat-class AA frigates had gone home.
  8. My Dad was based at HMS Assegai during WW2 - I think that was near Durban.
    He was a killick sparker and if I remember correctly was on a Fast Patrol Boat
    Hope this helps

  9. I;m sure tehthread was "Naval Base in South Africa" ............ doh ....
  10. HMS AFRIKANDER Simonstown, South Africa. Base commissioned 20 Aug 1914. Transferred to S. Africa 15 Jun 1923 to 4 Nov 1932 and renamed FLORA. Returned to RN 2 Apr 1957 but transferred to Youngsfield and finally paid off 13 Feb 1976.

    HMS AFRIKANDER I Simonstown, South Africa accounting Base. Listed Jan 1941 - personnel to RNAS Wynberg transferred from AFRIKANDER III to AFRIKANDER I 2 Jun 1941. Listed as becoming AFRIKANDER 1 Nov 1942.

    HMS AFRIKANDER II Simonstown, South Africa. Base. TICKLER (1979) Iron Screw Gunboat, was AFRIKANDER and became AFRIKANDER II Dec 1932, sold 1937. Was S. African Div RNVR 1936-40. Paid off 1 Jun 1943 was SAN Service HQ 1941-46.

    HMS AFRIKANDER III Capetown, South Africa. Base for RNAS Wynberg 1940 - Jun 1941 though remained as address for stores. RNVR Base 1941. Renamed GNU 1 Nov 1942.

    HMS AFRIKANDER IV Durban, South Africa. Durban base re-established 1 Jan 1941 as independent of AFRIKANDER I, renamed KONGONI 1 Nov 1942.

    There were other HMS AFRIKANDERs at various times in Freetown, Sierra Leone and Diego Suarez, Madagascar but the next one is probably the one you want. Type in "Youngsfield, South Africa" or "Wynberg, South Africa" on Google Earth. I assume the airfield you see was once the RN Air Station.

    HMS AFRIKANDER Youngsfield, Wynberg, South Africa. RN Base. Transferred from Simonstown 2 Apr 1957. Paid off 13 Feb 1976.

    HMS ASSEGAI Near Durban, South Africa. Commissioned 1 Oct 1942 and paid off 15 May 1944. Established as Combined Operations training establishment, transit pool and General Drafting Office for Eastern and Med Fleets and South Atlantic Station. Believed to include Mechanical Training Centre Pietermaritzburg - an RN camp under canvas in a field called 'Hay-Paddock' 1943, and which was placed to Care & Maintenance 18 Feb 1944. Torpedo School ex-Alexandria (PHAROS) at ASSEGAI by Jan 1944.
  11. [quote="Richie
    I;m sure tehthread was "Naval Base in South Africa" ............ doh ....[/quote]

    Was going to put this down to the nurse being late changing your bag; but, as it was written at 0 stupid hours in work, decided to re- read my post.

    To clarify-Dad was based at Assegai but was on a patrol vessel, rather like Vernon used to be with the sweeper squadrons I think.

    Unfortunately Dad crossed the bar just before Christmas and as Derek Acorah and Colin Fry aren't due down here for another few weeks I was unable to confirm.

    Thanks for that. I wasn't sure if Assegai was still in commision and most of the references I found on the web were people's memories from the war.

  12. Wynberg.

    15 miles outside Simonstown was the location of HMS AFRIKANDER in 1967..

    I visited the place, but age may have fogged my brain, however my journal says I visited HMS AFRIKANDER at Wynburg in Nov of 67...

    I do stand to be corrected
  13. Good run ashore in Simonstown but the railway to Capetown is a bit dodgy due to the fact the sea smashed up our train on the return trip.
    The line runs really close to the beach and huge goffers came over and caved all our carriage in one night,interesting end to a run ashore in Capetown and a very sobering moment.

    Port Elizabeth was a good run ahore as well.

    Anybody remember the snooker rooms everybody used to use,think the beer served was called Tusker?
  14. Was it 'The British or George Hotel' The owner used to bring loads of peaches and water melons on board for us......good PR man

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