Naval aviation in disarray.


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Despite many rumours and strenuous denials, it has been confirmed today that there are potential structural failures affecting all current Naval Aviation assets.

A senior MOD source who refused to grant an on the record interview stated "Yes, it's true. We have found at least five huge cracks on helicopter airframes. It is believed that these cracks are endemic throughout the entirety of our assets. It is believed that they actually appear during scheduled maintenance." my emphasis

For several months the rumours had been circulating amongst the defence community, but with several lucrative contracts in the offing, it is believed that commercial concerns have taken precedence over safety.

I am in a position now to provide pictorial evidence of five huge cracks on a helicopter airframe, I hope that posting this picture does not broach upon OPSEC, as frankly these cracks look scary enough without giving away any other information.

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Tas, its a Kaman SH-2 seasprite.....
"The SH-2G Super Seasprite was retired from service with the U.S Navy Reserve in May 2001 but currently remains in active service with the Egyptian Navy, the Polish Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, and the Royal New Zealand Navy."

"as early as 2005 up to 40 deficiencies had been identified in the helicopters, including their inability to operate in bad weather and low light conditions, and their inability to meet Australian airworthiness certification standards. This led to the helicopters being restricted to "passenger and supply transport in good weather", and in May 2006 to the complete grounding of the squadron.The problems were attributed to the fitting of a late 1990s avionics package to a 1960s airframe."
spearfish said:
The Kiwi's are getting on alright with theirs but then they didn't do much modification work.The Australian project has cost them a huge amount of money with very little to show for it.I think they are looking for a large pit to bury the helicopters in!!!
I think thats a Kiwi cab, guessing from the insignia on the tail which isn't so clear, I'm sure some spotter can tell for sure. The Kiwi cabs are all new build airframe whereas the Aussie one's were refitted.
I first noticed the story when I saw the "Chasers War on everything" clip on youtube where they stuck some cardboard rotor blades on a car and went to the dockyard gate to try and sell it to the navy brass, v.funny if you can be bothered to search for it. Nice to know its not just the UK procurement process thats a total waste of money.

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