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Naval Associations/Royal British Legion.

Are you a Member of an Ex Servicemans Association

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Book Reviewer
As a matter of interest (well it is to me) how many belong to ex-service Associations, either Service, Ship or the British Legion.

In my neck of the woods we have had 2, that appeared on the face of it, to be fairly large membership, RBL's close down due to lack of day to day support.

Most ex service associations are losing members, both from falling numbers of Servicemen and age taking its toll.

If you are not in one of the Associations, is there a particular reason or just apathy?

For reasons that I really can't explain, it took me the best part of 30 years to join the local Submariners Association Branch, I wondered if anyone else had taken so long.

With the ever decreasing number of ex Servicemen should all of the various Associations come together under one roof, for example RBL, but still have their own Association meeting in those premises.


For reasons that I really can't explain, it took me the best part of 30 years to join the local Submariners Association Branch, I wondered if anyone else had taken so long.
Similar here, Janner. Took 27 years to join Blackpool Submariners', and yet, strangely enough, I've been a member of the Blackpool Old Comrades of the Great War Club. A private club in Blackpool town centre.
I had only known of the Blackpool S.A. for a couple of years, and didn't even know that they used the Comrades for their monthly meetings. That info came from an old Oppo, ex-Onyx.
Communication.... 8)


Lantern Swinger
Being a bit more rural-based, I must confess the idea of driving for about an hour both ways (to Weymouth in my case) does tend to cramp the style. Difficult to join in much when you're on Coke!


War Hero
Geoff_Wessex said:
Difficult to join in much when you're on Coke!

Maybe worth seeing someone about that drugs problem Geoff, you know when it starts interfering with your social life it's time to seek help! :lol:
Ah! Janner my little 'andsome!

It also took me 28 years to decide to join an organization then 2 years to find them as they had changed their name from SOCA to SA. Don't you just love an acronym. In the past four years, in a non naval area, our membership dropped by 25% not withstanding a 10% increase by new members. In fact a 35% loss. We had one member who had served in the past previous 12 months. Only 2 were born after 1950 and 30% served in boats in WW11.

Reunions, be they SA, G****s, 02.02.02 or any others are supported by MOG's. How many under 40's have you seen at the SA Reunion.

Its when you get old you wish to re-live your youth.



Lantern Swinger
janner said:
GW as you are deserting these fair shores, I've had you black balled :lol:

Errrrr - oh yes! So you have!

I'm going to make an effort to join the Canadian Submariners Association (Central). Still a bit of a journey (inland this time!). Sully and Scratcher are members (even if Scratcher about 1000 miles from it).
Took me about twenty years --I watched the November Cenotaph one year and thought somebody needs to relieve some of those poor old s*ds cos they are all getting a bit past it.
So I joined the legion--------one matelot other member in it .
Just by chance I heard about a RNA club in Dundee and found that and joined ---------------when they found out I was boats they
said -oh yes we have the Submariners here once a month
So I joined the SM Association.

As you mention though the age differences are something else. No Youngsters at all. Just wondering if its because the number of S/M's are now getting less -the event of the Nuc boats and the paying off the Diesel boats.
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