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can anyone tell me that what is the waiting time on naval airman (aircraft handler) at the moment? i have completed the recruiting process on may 10th and submitted the security clearance form on may 22nd. i sat for psychometric test on oct 30 2012 and i was told that their is a wait of 12 months by my CA. my CA told me that he has bidden for my position and i will hear from them shortly. if their is anyone who has applied for the same position; please let me know that what is the waiting time. thank you
:angel8:Tell your CA, it will be best if they bid for the position of Chockhead, for you. There Lordships will think, that the CA, knows a bit:grin:
I was told at the RT( also in oct) that it was 16 month wait, I got my security clearance about a month r so ago rang my CA was told he had bid for a place but the time had gone to 26 months!!

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With the state of the FAA at this time, I would imagine a long time, it says it on the tin (aircraft handler), to be opened as and when the service gets any volume of 'cabs' or aircraft, for the use of. Keep waiting and best of luck.:clock:


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Latest news out of RNSFDT is that the last lot of redundancies in the Branch was too much. Too much in fact that a lot of them have received letter,s offering them a return to Service. So, the waiting list might be reduced if the take up is not what they hope.

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