Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by fido, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. For discussion - the Naval Airman branch.

    Call me 'Mr Old Fashioned' but it seems to me that it's about time to disestablish the sub specialisations within the Naval Airman branch. Frankly, the 'Wet Mets' are not a lot of use - particularly regarding the introduction of SAMOS et al - who needs cloud gazers? Turning to the Survival Equipment specialisation (Softies) - alright with a sewing machine (but KP LAU is better) so why on earth are they NA when they really are employed by the AE spec? Let's not forget the precious Phot spec - 'OK luvvie - one more shot of your bottie should do nicely dear' It seems to me that the NA(AH) stands supreme and is the only sub specialisation that has earned and deserves the title - the others are failed Aircraft Handlers so let's get shot of the lot and send them off to the riff raff AE/Schoolie/Public Relations organisations and let the REAL Naval Airmen who do a REAL job enjoy the title.
  2. Mr Old Fashioned

    This diatribe is just what i would expect from someone who thinks NA(AH) stands supreme.

    How can you think other branches are "failed Aircraft Handlers" :? when the general consensus is that NA(AH) are people that have failed to get in to any other FAA branches.
    Lets face facts - NA(AH)'s, AKA Chockheads, and their so called "Real" job, could be done by other branches as an extra duty, like the SSEP; but unlike the SSEP, it doesn't involve much in the way of brain or brawn, and so would be open to all.

    How can 'Wet Mets' be of no use? Have you ever encountered SAMOS or an LCBR at sea ?? Or ANY Met specific equipment come to think of it. What would happen when (and it is when, not if) Sat Comms are lost at sea and a critical flying brief needs to given; you would have to make way and let them do their job, of which, you know very little about.
    All the sub specialisations that are mentioned are directly, or indirectly, involved with Flight operations and so have, by definition, earned the right to be called Naval Airmen, it isn't the preserve of any one group.
    If you really want to be exclusive, then we could always send you off to be renamed to the NPA - 'Naval Parking Attendant' branch. :wink:

  3. It would be nice to see a return to the old days here everyone was a specialist. These days AETs seem to be a jack of all trades, how can they possibly have the in depth knowledge required to repair modern complex aviation equipment. Radio/ radar/ engines/ control sytems/ weapon systems/ etc. Perhaps it would be acceptable for an AET to cover all aspects until he was rated leading hand. Then he could sub specialise in one of the trades.
    I know that as a POAEM(R) I certainly was not comfortable servicing SE equipment.
    Anyone who served on a real aircraft carrier would appreciate the skill and capability of the aircraft handler branch. The old Ark Royal could launch three aircraft in the time that Nimitz launched two. And Nimitz had three catapults on e more than Ark.
    The fleet air arm used to be the most professional aviation team out of all three services. It looks like things are changing and not for the better
  4. My My, we are 'Mr Angry' aren't we. It's such such a shame that you are in 'a land far, far away' - you probably can't get any anger management training where you are. It's so sad that your lack of experience leads to such an outburst of sh1t.

    Incidentally, I didn't have SAMOS or anything else in my ship in the South Atlantic in 1982 - didn't need it - I simply downloaded what was produced from Buenos Aires on mufax!
  5. You're right slim - I was on Ark's flight deck as an FDO and boy oh boy could we launch aircraft (and not a Wet Met, Softie Survo in sight - or a Precious Phot come to that - there was an automated camera on Flyco roof). It seems to me that there is some deeply entrenched specialisation grabbing going on today - I am not convinced that there are too many financial advantages to blobbing up the different specs (Mets grabbed by Droggies, SE by Air Engineering etc and, as for the Phots - I think that they think that they work for 'Cosmopolitan') - I haven't yet forgotten the abolition of the NAM(O) armourers; their job taken on by the Greenies - what a disaster that turned out to be.

    By the way - looks like Storm in a Teacup hasn't got too much to do (unsurprising for a Wet Met) and I suspect that his (or her - most of 'em are big girls blouses) location 'in a land far far away' is probably Devonport or some other distant location.
  6. Come on Fido, give the phot guys their dues. They could be found every evening in the NAAFI flat selling photographs. The phot firm made some serious money in those days. Can't think what else they were good for though, Oh yes I do belief they developed the film from the phot packs on the Buccs and also the recording media from the buccs SFIM recorder.
  7. Yep, they called it 'The firm' and were (supposedly) required to keep financial records of service materials used and time (out of hours) expended which would then be billed against their profits. Truth is, of course, they made buckets of cash for studio portraits of those of us who had just been promoted and wanted to send new piccies of ourselves to our nearest and dearest, or phots of the scenery at the current run ashore, or anything else that can't now be done today with a digital camera and a halfway decent PC. The truth is, with modern technology they are as out of date as the Wet Mets and Sew Sews - "do it yourself and do it better"

    Frankly, the Phots lost the plot with the loss of the F95 camera - airborne photography which is now lost in antiquity
  8. Fido
    As you can see, I am new to this forum but, reading through, there is a common theme. You! You seem to drip and complain about many things and have a general downer on lots too. I can't imagine that your job is that bad and stressful to cause you all this pain, misery and depression. I don't know if you are aware, but NPFS offer therapy to Civil Servants - perhaps you could give that a try - it may leave you feeling a whole lot more warm and fluffy after a few weeks. When you're sat in your Office tomorrow dunking your Bourbons into your coffeee, spare a thought for those poor sods in lands far far away and remember how lucky you are. Now they really do have something to moan about ................ I daresay you have seen/done many things that the Country is grateful for but get over it - its a whole lot different now and more frequent.

    Strange, I know a few Handlers and none of them compare to you in the "Grumpy" field. (Hey, perhaps that could be your new ID!)
  9. Hmmm!! What a load of tripe--Few salient points there---When we had carriers and not the dinky toys of late---after all someone had to be the best at deck hockey and entertaining the Goofers, as well as providing some muscle in the gun crew competitions. Dont forget the Phot lads--they provided a lot of the material you find in any galleries and more than likely provided some of the shots in most people's albums. Ask the crewmen about the SE lads too, Met ?---we all like to chat about the weather; plus all the catapult crews, bombheads, and anyone else who helped make the Flight Deck----a vibrant,dangerous, and extremely exciting place to be.
    Cheers 'n' Beers
  10. Only one thing wrong with your post Fido. Surely K P Lou must be long gone by now. Hope so cos I bet I still owe him for my laundry.
  11. i like the dit about "chockheads" being failed other FAA ratings, as u probably know by now chock duties are carried out by the AE dept ,aircraft handlers tend to specialise in fire fighting / aircraft movements so before u go to bed tonight think of how many ex handlers are manning fire stations all over the country , and when u next hop on a plane to fly to your well earned holiday think of how many ex handlers have readied your plane and how many are there to risk their lives rescuing you if anything nasty happens . failed anything they are not ! :evil:
  12. Very good. But remember this, they won't fall out of the sky if the guys that didn't fail and become chockheads do their jobs! :wink:
  13. Excellent wind-up FIDO with 'the truth' not always being accepted by others!
  14. You have to keep the Phot branch or there will be no one to win the Peregrine trophy.
  15. Come on Fido. How come as a Naval Airman Met I was expected watch keep at sea and then stand hangar/flight deck sentry in harbour, while the Chockheads were ashore? Were the Chockheads expected service safety equipment, take photos, plot a met chart? No! Then when I reached the dizzy heights of PO Airman, why was I expected to be duty Air PO, move an aircraft and take charge of the fire party? I was expected to be able to, and did, bat helos onto the deck. I did the rescue from a crashed aircraft course at Culdrose with Roy Neate and we had great respect for each other. I was not happy to be expected, and able, to stand in for the Chockheads when they could not return the compliment but I havn't got a huge chock on my shoulder about it. I lived in messdecks, as a junior and senor rate, with all Naval Airman Specs and we all got on with mutual respect. I was, and am, proud to have been a Naval Airman but comments like your get up my nose.
  16. So you went from Handling to being a met rating ? In all the time I was on the Vic and Centaur----as deck party---flight deck director and i/c FireSuitmen did we ever have a non handler move aircraft never mind 'bat' helos onto the deck ffs.
  17. No, I was never a Handler. But I did have small ships, Fife, Intrepid where I considered to be a handler 'cos the fisheads didnt know better. I have no arguments with with Handlers, just Fido's attutude.
  18. Now I read the title of this thread and thought I had better read this. WHY WOULD NA poofters want to be submariners. It did not work with the HMS/m M2 why do they think it will work now. Perhaps they think they will not get their two shiny new carriers so they can take over submarines for their toys.

    But no just handbags and hair pulling at 2 metres, bitching about snappers, knuckledraggers, Weather boys and girls and other similar waste of space types.

    Can I go back to sleep please Chief?

  19. I was based at Faslane on the fire station which was behind the mod plod building! Had a few call rounds on the O boats & wakeful.
  20. Chockhead

    Was it just a ruse to get a bit of FAA Fireman skin down the boat and get him pissed for nefarious activites.


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