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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by laphroaig, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this has been covered, but I am in the process of an RN application for aircraft handler.
    I understand from the job outline that aircraft fire training is an important part but specifically I wonder if the fire training covers the 'CAA Basic Firefighter qualification', used by the civvy airport firefighters and issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

    I ask as it would be a valuable transferable civvy skill and is an expensive course.

  2. I take it your not looking for a career in the RN then?

    More, lets get a qualification courtesy of the RN because the application process is easier than civvy street. Then bin the RN after a wee while and try your hand at getting a civvy airfield firemans job.

    At least your forward thinking!!!!
  3. Yes it does.
    PS I'd keep it quiet that you are using the Branch as stepping stone and not as a career choice.
  4. bet you want your HGV care of the RN as well so you can drive crash wagons 8O
  5. The chockheads on the Ocean where all fully qualified in the operation of the wet/dry hoover and the mark I squeezy mop! Anything more technical than that tended to get broken quite quickly.
  6. Well Laphroaig
    Your thoughts on how you might progress in the aviation firefighter world, may be theoretically good. However you will find that it may not work out as planned.
    Firstly Aircraft Handler is not just one disipline but several. You would have to qualify in all of them. Presuming you do, them leave after minimum time What will you have to offer say BAA as regards to there minimum requirements of basic firefighter (Civil Aviation). Well you may have leaned basic Military Crash/Rescue technics, but the Civil Aviation Firefighting world is much larger especially in uk. Any Firefighter Tranfering or Joining un-trained to Civil Aviation in UK is required to Train/Re-train as per there mission statements and policies.
    For instance a local Authority Firefighter still have to re-train if transfering to Aviation even if highly experianced.
    Imagine in your short time in the mob, you might have sometimes been doing duties other than firefighting.
    As for the cost im not sure about paying for the a transfer cost, try speaking to an ex-chockhead now in civil aviation there are many. I have been rambling on to long. So in conclusion Here are some of the qualifications i ended up with, and have given me the ability to diversify within the world of Firefighting. All thanks to my grounding as an Aircraft Handler, which i am proud to have been. See Below.
    Qualifications and Professional Training

    • MSc. in Safety Management Systems. Master of Science Degree gained at the Department of Management Systems and Conservation Science, Bournemouth University, Dorset.
    • GIOSH. Corporate Member of The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.
    • MIFireE. Diplomas at Membership Level The Institution of Fire Engineers. 1) Fire Service Operations, 2) Aero Fire Studies, 3) Fire Investigation.
    • GIFireE. Graduate of The Institution of Fire Engineers in 1) Fire Safety, 2) Fire Service Operations, 3) Fire Engineering Science, 4) Management and Administration.
    • CFPA (Eur) The European Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Diploma in Fire Management and Fire Prevention.
    • Trade Certificate. Aircraft Crash/Rescue, Aircraft and Structural Fire Fighting, Air Traffic Control Duties, Aircraft Control and Taxi Signals, Airfield Lighting, Voice Procedures, Communications, Ground Signals, Over-Due Action, Briefing, Search and Rescue Organisation. All Ashore and Afloat, with the Fleet Air Arm.
    • Air Traffic Controllers Assistant (Distinction), RAF Shawbury, Joint Military Air Traffic Control School.
    • Ships Diver. Royal Navy Diving School, HMS Drake, Plymouth.
    • Red Cross First Aid. (First Aid at Work Certificate).
    * Emergency Medical Technition (EMT), North Staffordshire Royal Infermary Trauma Centre.
  7. Fred
    You forgot your
    Alcohol Appreciation Diploma :p
  8. Laphraoig, you can listen to people who know, or Wanky.
  9. Looks like I've touched a nerve. As I said, I spent enough time working closely with wedgies to know that its only a good job if you have a very low boredom threshold.

    I used to feel quite sorry for the poor dumb ******* who had to go out and hoover the ringbolts on the flightdeck every morning.
  10. Thanks Slim
    Yes i did forget that diploma, LOL.
    It came in usefull when i formed the FTDTDC, Thats the "Fred Tubb Drink Till Drop Club". Open most days, special events and parties welcome LOL LOL.
  11. I have no intention of going through years of demanding RN training only to leave the RN !!
    I was thinking of it as a long term transferable skill as civvy firefighting has no upper age limit and I won't be retiring in my 40's.

    Moreover I am keen to learn more about the aviation firefighting side of the role than is on the career website, it briefly mentions 'You will learn all about firefighting, particularly aircraft, fuel or hangar fires...', but I am not clear as to how much of the training and day to day job would be dedicated to this skill area, and the CAA course I mentioned helps me to illustrate this in my mind.

    Thanks fredtubb that is an extensive list of excellent qualications, the MSC and fire investigation diploma sound like tremendous opportunities.
  12. Good Man

    Enjoy theRN and be sensible, use it to further any carreer you may be thinking of when it becomes time to leave
  13. laphroaig
    Slim is right and i think your last post is the right attitude. Roofrat and i spent many years each in the AH Branch, and we both enjoyed it in the main. Naturally there are some rough times but you can get that anywhere. I left the mob and went on the rigs off the shetlands for many years. Looking after aircraft and part of the offshore fire teams. Also 2 wack,s of 2 years in Saudi,
    contracted by the yankie airforce for Firefighting through Northrop and lier Siegler. On a Major Military/Civil cat9 airfield and base with civil requirements. you name it we had the buggers there. then on to europes 2nd largest onshore oilfield an refinery whole different ballgame.
    So you see it all started from The Mob and AH.
    The only tip ill give you for now is fire crash/ rescue very very Basic Methodoligy is :
    1) To save life.
    2) Prevent Futher casualties.
    3) Prevent the incident spreading.
    4) Put the bugger out.
    And everything on this planet is combustable, even with the 5 Noble gases, 4 are now believe to combust in the right inciident. Combustion is best measured by speed.
    Therefore, very basically starting with the slowest we have :-
    Smouldering - open burning flame - Conflagration - Explosion - Detination.
    Nuclear events are not combustion Science.
    hope that helps or bores you stupid if you need help anytime with this subject let me no
  14. fredtubb as with Slim's post this is the kind of specialist work that I find interesting.
    In terms of AH what kind of fire training drills/exercises would you undertake in a typical week? Would it increase as you grow into the job / achieve promotion?
  15. If you PM me I will put you in touch with a serving handler, who will give you all of the details that you are asking about.
    If you are put on a Fire Station you will do drills of one sort or another on a daily basis, inc class room. Part of your core training will also be for you to be able to take your place on a Fire Crew.
    Your promotion prospects will also require you to fill a task book on all your part 2 training to a higher level.
    Be aware though that you will be required to do other jobs within the Branch, besides Fire fighting.
  16. Are you from Islay Laphroaig?
  17. No I am a dirty Southerner!

    I just love the Islay single malts!
  18. What other things do you do other than fire fighting mate?
  19. I`m guessing its not sitting by his computer for three years in the hope of thread resurrection.
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  20. I'm impressed with the quals Fred

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