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RoofRat said:
Rookie can I just put you right on one little thing that you keep writing. All Ratings in the FAA, Snr and Jnr. are generally referred to as Wafu's. Chockheads are just one of those branches, along with Bombheads, Grubbers, Greenies, Pinkies, Sew Sews. We used to have Snaps and Cloud bos'ns, but I think those jobs are now done by Fishheads.

Kama is right about one thing though, have a read back and see what a great branch it is, that you are joining.
A Very proud Ex Chockhead

You missed us Winch Weights!!! :twisted:


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Sorry Waspie, "Flying Ballast" only became a Branch in it's own right ,as I was leaving. I can remember Chefs, Sand Scratchers, all sorts of Fishheads and Wu's and especially Chockheads who flew as Aircrewman. All a great bunch of lads.


chockheads don't tend to do much, but they are important, you won't get on a small ships flight, and in your early years your more than likely going to be the fire rating. The FAA is the best branch to be in, most the navy is jealous of us. We get treat the best, don't get involved in the fish head crap and go ashore as soon as the ship is in, while the ME's dig out.

Don't go sea man spec unless you want to be RASing and painting the bulkheads all deployment. Boring and most of them are chavvy drop outs.

but thats me being bias