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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wbashane90, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Im currently in the process of joining the Navy having just passed my recruiting test. I now have to choose my trade that I want to do but im torn between Seamen Specialist and Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler), could anyone give me more of an insight as to what the job of a Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler) involves eg day to day jobs. I know what jobs a Seamen Specialist involve but any extra information on that trade would also be appreciated.
  2. Seaman spec do the shit jobs in the general service.
    Naval airman do the shit jobs in the fleet air arm.

    In my opinion, but please look at the RN website for more info.
  3. I may be an ex wafu and so ever so slightly biased, Go for Aircraft Handler.
    Excellent employment prospects at most major airports when you leave the RN.
    Great camaraderie within the branch.
    However if you have scored high enough for AET then that would be the better option.
    The RN doesn't have to be for life, but the skills you learn will last you a lifetime.
  5. Thanks for your help so far people, have an extra question to add, what are the travelling experiences like, eg which job would spend more time at sea or on tour? I have a feeling it would be a Seamen Specialist, if you cannot answer this thanks anyway
  6. Try searching the site, there are endless threads with the handlers all telling one another how wonderful they are...
  7. correctomondo, however it will still be a better bet being a "Chockhead" but im biased. Sea time is not that romantic!!! Woos know best!!
  8. Well of course they are :wink: :wink: quote :lol: As we taxied out of the wires of my first arrest,i was immediately struck by the skills of the Handlers, as they marshelled us to within inches, and marvelled at their professionalism :wink: :wink: :wink: :salute:
  9. Veritable legends in their own standeasy
  10. Aircraft Handlers.

    Who else could get paid for waving at pilots all day long. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Go AH, great fun, great life and smashing goochie fire kit to pose in!!!!!
  11. i went with aircraft hanndler and have just got my start date for oct 25th 09 the only down side is that i had to wait 15 months to join!!!! can't wait tho
  12. I've just done an RNAC so whilst i'm not the top authority on this I know a little bit, I'm joining as a WAFU but the branch preference talk was given by an SE and about the FAA as a whole, that includes chockheads.

    Chockheads have to learn a lot of fire fighting as one of their big job's on the deck as well as guiding in aircraft, is to take control if an aircraft crashes, similar to WAFU's in that if they're on a ship with only one aircraft and that aircraft's not out or is being worked on then they've not got a lot to do, the thing is that when their is work to be done there's a lot, on ship's with a number of aircraft you can be guiding in aircraft throughout your watch.

    Aswell as this the time's when an Aircraft is most likely to have a crash is during bad weather and so you have to be up on deck when the ship is pitching and rolling in foul weather doing your job. You might also have some responsibility for maintenance of aircraft? as well as usual duties for a sailor.

    Not sure it's all 100% correct but it's as good as I can re-collect it and i must admit to have been paying more attention to the WAFU part rather than Chockhead.

    In short it's a job where you'll be outdoor's in good weather or bad where you get time's where you're not so busy but when you are busy you're as busy as any other job in the RN. You have a lot of responsibility and because it's a small branch you'll be in a tight knit group, I believe there's about 400 Chockhead's in the RN.
  13. Biggest load of bollocks I've read in a long time.
    Zip it until you know what you are talking about. A RNAC kinell voice of experience. :twisted:
    The last paragraph is correct, a small branch which takes care of it's own.
    Chockheads do not go to sea on small ships flights, too much of a luxury, However on a carrier they are responsible for ALL aircraft movements, they also maintain their own fire fighting equipment and they are generally kept well occupied.
  14. Well there you go. Little bit harsh on me I was only trying to help and I didn't say it was fact I said the opposite
  15. If you don't know the answer don't answer the question.
    The Ninja and Mario would give the guy real information not something dreamed up by a wanabee. Think I was being harsh, wait till my mate Higs (who incidently was a CPO handler in a former life) finishes ripping into you.
    Now go back to sleep unless you can come up with either a piss take or a genuine answer
  16. No I don't have to be into piss taking, and whilst you're a more senior member of this board and of the RN and will undoubtedly know more than me, to call it the biggest load of bollocks you've ever read then you must be looking at some pretty small bollocks. A lot of the inofrmation in there is real and whilst I admit I've confused the parts about small ship flights with WAFU's a good deal of it is correct. I would usually keep it zipped but nobody else had posted so thought as a Rookie I'd try and give a bit of what i had learnt, I'm not pretending to be a senior member of the RN such as Yourself, Hig, SM or Ninja merely trying to be as helpful as I can be.
  17. I am not a senior member of anything including this site.
    My naval information is 23 years out of date, however some things do not change.
    If I give any advice I qualify it by stating that my advice is old and that The Ninja or Mario are really the only ones to believe.
    You on the other hand spout a load of bollocks formed in you addled brain dishing out advice on subjects that you know sweet FA about.

    Have we got Tim back on site?
  18. 'I've just done an RNAC so whilst i'm not the top authority on this I know a little bit, I'm joining as a WAFU but the branch preference talk was given by an SE and about the FAA as a whole, that includes chockheads.'

    That would be me qualifying my information, it wasn't all wrong as you've already admitted and I know as much as any new recruit and i'm not pretending to be anything else, that's all I'm gonna say on the matter.
  19. Rookie can I just put you right on one little thing that you keep writing. All Ratings in the FAA, Snr and Jnr. are generally referred to as Wafu's. Chockheads are just one of those branches, along with Bombheads, Grubbers, Greenies, Pinkies, Sew Sews. We used to have Snaps and Cloud bos'ns, but I think those jobs are now done by Fishheads.

    Kama is right about one thing though, have a read back and see what a great branch it is, that you are joining.
    A Very proud Ex Chockhead
  20. Snaps a fishead branch now???

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