Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler) advice

Afternoon all

I am just after some advice from any Aircraft Handlers on the forum. I am currently serving in the RAF as a Medic and recently put in a re-branch request to transfer to Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler), which has been accepted with a provisional start date of mid next year.

My main attraction to the role is the fire-fighting/crash rescue but I am also interested in the aircraft handling aspect of the trade as I believe this will offer me more variety then specialising in just one area.

However on speaking to several members of staff at different AFCO’s and some serving NA(AH)/RAF Fire-fighters I am getting some mixed responses about the amount of fire-fighting/crash cover that is actually performed by NA(AH). Some people have stated that the role is 50% fire-fighting / 50% aircraft handling, others 30% / 70% and some people have said that the fire-fighting aspect has been completely removed.

I have also done some research in regards to the possible change for the MOD contract for DFRMO and was wondering how people think this may affect the role in the future?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.