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War Hero
A new game in production(alpha build at present) that represents The Age of Sail.I managed to get an Alpha key and its an awesome game.Open World is soon to be released.



Not sure if you have been back since 2015 lol, but a lot has changed in the four years it's been out, truly a beautiful game and the ships look amazing.


Just bought it, hopefully the steam reviews are not representative. They seem to mostly be complaining about XP being wiped for the launch of the game.


Do let us know
Unfortunately I refunded it. I found the travel times way too long and thought I would tire of the game quickly and so made sure to refund it before I couldn't anymore.

I'd like to give the game another go and feel bad about not giving it a chance but as I said I thought I wouldn't enjoy it and so refunded it.


It is certainly a game you to play with other online players, just for the clan support aspect and conversation, whilst you can spend hours trailing around the Caribbean trading, a lot of clans like mine spend an hour or so sailing as a fleet taking on other enemy fleets, we play on the pvp server because who really wants to lose all their stuff and then have that said winner gloat at you, no thanks. Also less stressful and more relaxing!

It is worth it in my opinion, pretty game, fair price, constantly being updated and content added, it's a good game for hardcore gamers or casual gamers alike.
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