Nautical terms which have passed into common parlance

Discussion in 'History' started by soleil, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. They missed out "Ahoy, me hearty dhoby bucket" as a form of greeting
  2. heres one for you SOL , never did find the meaning, Quote, Bell Davies as a Snotty crewing for Commander Beatty. " Shes braced to box sir for casting to starboard, her anchor must be nearly away" :scratch:
  3. 'Braced to box' means the braces controlling the swivelling yards are hauled taut with the yards (and their sails) aligned in opposite directions, thus having a neutral effect on the ship. 'Casting to starboard' means moving to starboard once the anchor was aweigh. The anchor in question was probably on the port side and the wind on the port bow. Being 'braced to box', the ship would have simply made slow leeway from the anchor without running the risk of over-running the anchor and cable as they were hauled in by the hands manning the capstan.

    Incidentally, many nautical terms like 'braces' derive from the world of agriculture which supplied many sailors for the RN when things were quiet on the farm. Like bitts, farthingales, martingales, saddles and traces, braces were parts of a draught horse's tack which were eventually incorporated into sailing terminology.
  4. "Get orf my parade ground"?
  5. Thank you, excellent reply( I am a much wiser man now) PS Beattys reply to the snotty Bell Davies. " Oh! so yer know that much,do you?" Who felt that approbation from Beatty was praise indeed!
  6. Many of these nautical terms derive from the Vikings: scab, skate, skive, scran, scouse.... nozzer. :biggrin:

    The nozzers on the site would be most embarassed if I told them what Nozzer means.... but when it was my nom de plume on RR it was VERY IRONIC! Nozzer is of course exclusivly masculine! :lol: in the early part of the 19th century it was spelt 'nosser' the Viking spelling.
  7. A few I've heard on my many trips on the Victory, see if you can work out where they come from.

    Freeze the balls off a brass monkey

    3 Square meals

    on the fiddle

    Letting the cat out of the bag

    You scratch my back and i'll scratch yours

    rubbing salt into the wound

    Pressed into service

    Rack and ruin

    Ship shape and Bristol fashion

    Pass with flying colours

    Shot across the bows

    Over a barrel

    Show a leg

    Not enough room to swing a cat

    Pull your finger out

    Son of a gun

    Toe the line

    Swing the lead

    Touch and go

    The Whole nine yards

    Chewing the fat


    Clean bill of health

    Make heavy weather of something

    Clean Sweep

    Put through the hoop

    Cut and run

    Down a peg or two

    Eat my hat

    Dressing down

    Hasn't got a clue

    Dutch courage

    Flogging a dead horse

    Loose cannon


    Give me some slack

    Hand over fist

    there's a few for you to work out. me old muckers


  8. Following on from my previous post is the term 'Boxing the wind', i.e. nothing to do with punching the air.
  9. Mario have all the answers in my " Red Herrings and White Elephants" :wink:
  10. heres another. Re reefing topsail, "Jack outside the lift"
  11. What about "Fcuk my old boots" As pissed as arseoles", "Tastes like the crotch piece of Aggie Weston's knickers ",and too many to list similar sayings of intellect and wisdom.
  12. Many of these sayings can be found in a book called : "A word in your shell like." check it out on google.....
  13. The author of A word in your shell like is NIGEL REES, good laugh, enjoy !!
  14. Letting the cat out of the bag is army, in the andrew a mup made his own cat brown jobs used the same one.
  15. 'Shiver me timbers, Jim lad'
  16. Friggin hell me old bucket of monkey doofars, I don't like to tell you this so abruptly in open forum, but Nelson is dead. 8O :oops: :cry: :cry: :D
  17. My favourite...DSMSMR, how I loved saying that to people

  18. When did that happen,it wasnt on Sky? 8O
  19. I"ve had me rum, and I"ve had me baccy, so its now your turn in the barrel, Jim lad!

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