Nature in the raw

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by hobbit, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. This is one helluva video and a reminder of what it is like in the wild and how refined we have become at devouring and destroying each other . Fascinating though
  2. Awsome!
  3. I must admit, when I first clicked on the link I though "boooorrriinnngg" but that was fantastic!
    Thanks for that :)
  4. Excellent.
  5. Most dangerous animal in the bush is the water buffalo.

    Except an officer with a map of course!!
  6. I thought crabs were quite dangerous in the bush
    *wince, sorry*
  7. It's interesting to see how when the herd works together they become impossible to overcome. Those two lions at the end were really in shit creek if the buffs had pressed home their advantage. I don't understand why after millions of years of evolution they hadn't sussed it out until now.

    There's probably a lesson in that for all of us.
  8. turned it off once ..... but HAD to come back... it just goes to show how nature can be so different from our expectations... wonder if the calf lived or the shock got to him in the end.....
  9. I remember Fred the hen[this is serious stuff here]being attacked by a dog his/her wing being near pulled off. Of course tiddles the cat jumped to the rescue and the dog turned on the cat. Then prince the alsatian arrived on the scene and attacked the intruder on our land. Tiddles jumped on the back of the dog and the claws dug deep.

    The dog realised today was a bad day and dashed down the track with tiddles on board digging deep and Prince snapping away. The dog never ventured onto the land again. And Tiddles and Prince returned a job well done.

    Fred the hen healed nicely and laid eggs on a regular basis for many a year. Free range is always best!!!!!!

    I think the calf would have been fine!
  10. Really great. Like Lamri my first reaction of booorring was quickly transformed to an inability to draw myself away.
  11. Yes , this is nature and has been going on for a long time . We are advanced though and have developed much more sophisticated ways of hurting and killing each other .

  12. In buffalo speak, that calf will surely have some tale to tell his grandchildren.
    Superb piece of video.


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