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Has anyone out there got recent experience of a draft to Naples? What is it like? Is the accom good? Naples sounds like a hole reading tourist stuff, is it? Is it good for family including kids? I have been offered a possible posting so I need info to aid decission.

Smashing place :thumright: , at least it was when I was there a few blue moons ago - even with the US 6th Fleet using it as a homebase port :lol:

Love to go back for a visit, but a little old in the tooth now, and probably not 'comfortable' enough to handle the prices !!

I was based there for 2 1/2 years and really enjoyed it. You have to be prepared for a huge culture change. Naples is like nowhere else in Europe! Neapolitans seperate themselves from the rest of Italy and can be very rude and arrogant.

If you are willing to adapt to their way of life then you will have a great time. I found that people who went there and said "this would never happen in the UK" hated it. It took my wife 10 months to get used to it, especially things like the rubbish problems which have been on the news recently.

We had a 4 bedroom villa with 3 bathrooms, cellar, garage, large garden and a swimming pool and I was a LH at the time! My first daughter was born out there so I cannot give you any info on schools, there is a British primary school and secondary education is covered by the Americans. You also have access to their NEX and Hospital which are both fantastic.

As I said, we had a great time, Rome is only 2 hrs drive and Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast is about the same in the other direction so we would tend to leave Naples most weekends.

It can be frustrating at times, especially for partners as they are quite secluded although the support is pretty good. Crime levels are quite high and whilst we were there, Naples had the highest murder rate in the World topping New York and Columbia! The Mafia runs this part of Italy in every way and this takes a lot of getting used to, although it is not something to worry about.

If you want to ask any questions send me a PM and I will help as much as I can.
How long will Italy remain a NATO or EU member now she's elected a government and Mayor of Rome that openly espouses fascist opinions?

The supporters of the new Roman Mayor, Alemanno, were heard to shout out: Duce! Duce!

And Bells-agoni.... 'We are the new falange' [in Italian, of course :lol: ]

Can Tsar Boris save the day? :lol:


Lantern Swinger
My other half is Italian and I got married in a village just north of Naples. Had to go in there to get all my marriage docs and stuff sorted. I can honestly say that I didn't enjoy the visit very much. There are certain areas deep inside Naples which are really nice, but I thought the city itself was a bit of a poo-hole.
BUT like someone else mentioned the surrounding areas are STUNNING, so I would say the posting is worth it just for that. Rome is afew hours drive to the North, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast just to the south. Italy is a beautiful country so if you've got a chance to see it up close I suggest you go for it.
We had a run ahore in Naples and had a game of footie against the NATO team which was great, then a load of sprogs paid a fortune believing the waitresses were wanting to service them!

Remember a few Marines getting a few scores but not to be proud of, still a sh&g is a sh%g.

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