NATO must help Georgia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Skylog, May 7, 2008.

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  1. NATO must help Georgia against the russian aggression.If Russia sees that NATO doesn't do anything against its expansion,then Russia will go on with all eastern europe countries like Ukraine.The Russians will repeat the imperialism of the Soviet Union if NATO doesn't make opposition
  2. Jesus wept, in her profile the place she is most interested in visiting is..... Clapham in London!! Why?

    Back to the original poster, get real, help with what exactly?
    I would think that the most active members of NATO at the moment are just a little busy elsewhere.
    Perhaps the Poles might be interested in showing their ability against their 'Auld Enemy' as it were.
  3. I mean sending at least the air force.NATO is made of many countries.Ukraine and Georgia are joining the alliance
  4. And the next thing you'll be wondering why WWIII has started.
  5. I see that you're also trying to drum up support over on ARRSE. Having about as much success.
    Try EGoat the RAF Regiment may be up for it.
  6. Strikes me that this is all just Russian posturing at the moment.

    Not only have we just had the election - if you can call it that - of a new predsdent and Mr Putin made PM but the "west" in the form of NATO, the EU and USA decided to recognise Kosovo as an independent state.

    Now the Rusians did not like this one little bit. Historically they support the Serbs and that they did warn that if Kosovo was recognised then other groups would need to be recognised as well.

    That combined with the present mentallity of showing that they still have influence in the world makes Russsian support for the break-a-way Georgian Russians somwhat predictable.

    We already have fun trying to work out who Norman really is on this site - is your real ID George Bush Skylog?

  7. Additional to McCloggie's good points, NATO nor anyone else is wise to pick and chose who or what is recognised as an autonomous region. The "precedent" set with Kosovo was destined to bite us in the a**e.

    Georgia sees this as an internal order matter but the Russians (surprise!) don't. Georgia is not yet a NATO member so NATO is not in a position to poke its beak in. If Russia projects offensive force into Georgian territory, though, that's whole new matter; but not until then.

    NZ_Bootneck's mention of WW3 is a chilling thought; particularly as we are so well prepared right now!
  8. Yeah! Lets start a war with Russia!!!!!!

    …that will turn out well for us, won't it.
  9. NZB see your first post, I think that you will find the Rocks are busy in those areas as well.
  10. WWII started because nobody did something in time
  11. thats the trouble with ex super powers - too much posturing and old memories!

    In that case maybe NATO should help Scotland!! (that'll get Finkottle going! still here I see Fin' - not been locked up yet then?)
  12. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I'm free for a couple of weeks. More than happy to pop over on full LOA and Subs and see what I can do.

    Do I get a NATO medal.

    If anyone fancies assisting me on this vital high profile recce to Georgia do post with the specialist skills you can bring to the party, so to speak.

    No Scousers, they in enough trouble as it is.
  13. No problems Guns I'm up for it; we have just enough reserves for this. If we can hitch a ride from a passing civvy ship we can land at night-time and right-flank into Grytviken. As long as we don't stay for longer than 1 week we could just about stretch it. :bball:

  14. Sign one up, too. ... And me!
  15. My Bad. But surely as one of the 'Big 3'(??) The RAF Reg should investigate all options.
    It would be a shame if EGoat missed out on Skylog's perceptive analysis of the situation. One must share.
  16. If someone pays my airfare (Skylog should be able to get a chit from the Georgian Ambassador to the Court of St James) I'm willing to offer my services as Chief Char Wallah to Guns Expeditionary Force, I make a mean NATO standard.
    I don't want a medal, just cold hard cash please.
  17. Don't want to go there now Bergen, it's winter and chuffing cold. However if you're prepared to wait till November I will join in, been there once before and still got the maps (sad I know but c'est la vie).
  18. you can laugh at it if you want.Did you laugh when British marines were kidnapped by Iran?Do you know that Russia is building Iran's nuclear plant and is providing nuclear fuel?
  19. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    After this photo discovery I will ramp up my efforts to help these poor people out. It is a burden I am happy to carry.


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