NATO moves to Close Northwood


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NATO are just helping out their British chums by suggesting closing Northwood. They have been watching the determined way SDSR and subsequent cuts announcements has shown Britain's desire to move to a third class defence force - so they don't see why NATO assets should be based here.
Seems fair and Fox is a nincompoop, we are carrying a heavy load in Afghanistan and Libya because our stupid politicians have decided that we should punch way above our weight.

We are rushing headlong to the stage where Britannia would be hard pushed to rule the ripples on Canoe Lake in Southsea.
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Part of the plan. Nato (started by Britain) probably run from that military power house, Portugal. 2000 extra jobs for them as well, another part of the bail out perhaps. :evil3:

Then the EU military will rise to fill the void. We will have even less influence than we have now even though we are the biggest European contributors in the present conflicts.

The RNHQ is still at Northwood, perhaps the crabs and percy should move there after the referendum :slow:
Some of the comments were interesting, just as a matter of interest, OPSEC permitting,whats the proportion of RN to NATO "work" there?


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Or it could just be that we have 3 times as many HQs as required in NATO, and that unfortunately 2 of the 3 (e.g. Lisbon, Naples and Northwood) will need to close. Naples appears to have got a stay of execution following the Libyan crisis, so its goodbye to Northwood.

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