nationwide BS no pay!

Having not been paid today I have suffered the JPAC experience to find out why.
The Nationwide Building Society BACS system has failed and as a result anyone who has their pay paid into a Nationwide BS account will not have been paid. The Nationwide are working to sort it but it could take some time. God knows where my pay is in the meantime!
Banks - they are really not what they used to be.


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Glad they put their shit in one sock, my mortgage is due out. Also last night was a night in due to the cock up by Nationwide/JPAC. Sorted now!
I dumped them years back when they started the bank habit of taking all my DDs out on the 28th - not allowed to have 29th/30th because of Feb - the same day as I got paid. The debits come out, go overdrawn - get charged or DD returned - get charged then show wages which would have more than covered the debits. I learnt now though (with age) you can have them done on the 1st :) Also no chance now that I ll blow it all on booze in 3 days!

Another nice little earner --the banks are really grabbing for money
to pay back their loans from the Brown/Darling bank plc

Credit card --didn't recieve a monthly statement which also has the pay in slip attached with how to pay /how much to pay details on it .
Rang the help desk --send me another statement
Eventually got it on the 6th payment was due on the 8th so I paid in same day.

Got the latest statement --£12 late payment fee statement dates
9th late payment applied 10th payment recieved.
I await the next statement to see if its been cancelled after calling the help desk to complain.

I wonder how many others got caught the same as me at £12 a throw.

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Just heard on the radio news that they're not going to pass on any further interest rate cuts either. Apparently there is a clause in their mortgage agreement that says they don't have too so tough...


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